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Fubo Hill

Fubo Hill is famous for its picturesque shape and beautiful caves. It stands solitarily in the northeast of the city,with half of it in the Li River. The waves of the river are turned back when they meet the stone blocks of the hill, hence the name "wave-subduing hill" (Fubo Hill).

On the eastern side of the hill are a winding corridor facing the river. A teahouse and a "Tingtao (Listening to the Waves) Pavilion" were built along the cliff of the hill.

On the southern slope of the hill is Pearl-Returning Cave (huanzhu dong). Legend has it that the cave was once illuminated by a pearl, and inhabited by a dragon. One day, a fisherman stole the pearl, but overcome by shame, he finally returned it. The Shijian Stone (Testing Sword Stone) in the Pearl-Returning Cave is a giant stone, hanging from the ceiling of the cave with only a few inches to the ground. Legend has it that once a general name Fubo tested his sword by cutting what was originally a stone pillar and has left a crevice at the bottom ever since then.

At the end of the cave is Thousand-Buddha Cave. Over 200 Buddha carved stone statues of the Tang Dynasty were kept there.

On the west side,a flight of stone steps leads to the Kuishui Pavilion which is half way up the hill,and then to the top.

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