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Hangzhou Tour

Photo of Hangzhou West LakeHangzhou, a beautiful city located not far from Hangzhou, is famous for it's charming scenery and well-known West Lake. There is a Chinese old saying, Above there is heaven, below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou. The city was also described as “the most beautiful and luxurious city in the world” by the noted Italian traverler Marco Polo in the 13th century.
Hangzhou tour is  very easy to take, no need hard walking or climbing, just wander in this comfort and sweet city.    And, the local people is warm-harted and calm.

Hangzhou Tour Type
Hangzhou tour arranged by Chinatravelkey includes 1 day tour, Hangzhou tour includes hotel, tour excludes hotel, Hangzhou airport transfer, Railway Station transfer, Hangzhou Shanghai transfer, transfer from Hangzhou to Suzhou and from Hangzhou to Wuxi.

Hangzhou Tour Routes Arranged by Chinatravelkey Team

- exclude hotel :
Hangzhou 3 days private tour excludes hotel
Hangzhou and Wuzhen two days tour
- include hotel :
Hangzhou 3 days tour
Hangzhou and Wuzhen tour
One day Hangzhou tour : Hangzhou tour testimonial, click here to see more.
Hangzhou one day tour
Wuzhen one day tour from Hangzhou
Hanzhou transfer service :

Hanzhou airport transfer
Hanzhou Railway Station transfer
Transfer service of Hangzhou to Shanghai
Transfer service from Hangzhou to Suzhou
Transfer service from Hangzhou to Wuxi

Hangzhou Tour Testimonial
- What travelers speak after Hangzhou tour with Chinatravelkey team:
Sabrina is an absolutely fantastic guide ! Everything was perfect. She is very knowledgable, friendly and fluent in English.
Your company must be very proud of how she represents you and your country.
Our driver was also excellent !

Places to Start Hangzhou Tour
Our guide and vehicle can meet you from Hangzhou airport, train station, your hotel lobby or your apartment.
We will arrange the transfer to Hangzhou if you are not in Hangzhou.   For example, we often arrange a 1 days or 2 days tour start from Shanghai.  A private Hangzhou tour from Beijing, Hangkong or Xian is also available.   We will arrange the train or flights to Hangzhou.

Best Season of Hangzhou Tour
Huqingyu Chinese Medcine MuseumIt will be fine to visit in any season around year. Different seasons will express different glamour of the city. In Spring, the misty lake would be so attractive that just like a jade pool in fairyland. In Summer, the rainy season makes the scenery so graceful that you will feel on the edge of a dream while amidst it. In the south winter, you could happen to view a rarely snow if you are lucky. In silver and white snow, you will feel so tranquility and peaceful, in all those beautiful sceneries you can testify the famous words For sure, Autumn is always a nice season for travelling.

Must-see Attractions of Hangzhou tour
Do include these attractions when travel Hangzhou: West Lake, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Ling Yin Temple, Huanggang Park.

Hangzhou Tour Photo
See the photo of Hangzhou to get a profile what you will visit when travelling Hangzhou.
Photo of Hangzhou West LakePhoto of Hangzhou West LakePhoto of Hangzhou MuseumPhoto of Hangzhou Medcine MuseumLingyin TempleTea Museum

Accommodation of Hangzhou Tour

Since more and more visitors are coming to Hangzhou for tourist, there are many accommodation options for travelers. By the end of 2008, there are totally 247  Hangzhou hotels with star class.  Many top class world brands have their operation here, such as Shangri-La, Continental Hotel, Grand Metro park, etc . 
Hotels in Hangzhou, ranging from 2 to 5 stars, are mostly located in the city center and close to some famous attractions.  Hangzhou also have some youth hotels for those young travelers. 

Is there any period I  should avoid to travel Hangzhou?
Try to avoid the period from May 1 to May 7 and October 1 to October 7 because there is national vacation in China. Many local travelers come to enjoy the beautiful city.  It will be very crowded in Hangzhou.

Tiger Running SpringTell me something about food in Hangzhou
Certainly we should mention about eating of Hangzhou tour.   Hangzhou cuisines are all light and tasty, they are characterized by the natural flavor and beautiful presentation as well as the light and delicious taste. There are some typical dishes you should never miss in Hangzhou including
- an entire chicken cooked in a ball of mud;
  - a vinegar coated fish from West Lake;
I believe you will never forget the great taste of those dishes after your Hangzhou tour.

Shopping in Hangzhou
There are some special products in Hangzhou which are really worth to buy, for instance, , , , , , , etc.

Hangzhou Tour Tips
#. There is sudden rain from the late June to the July. Please try to avoid to take Hangzhou tour during Chinese national holiday.
#. Wuzhen Water Town is a romantic water town near Hangzhou.  It is good idea to visit Wuzhen from Hangzhuo.
#. China Silk Museum, concerning to the silk, is the biggest silk museum in the world.  You will know something about the culture of silk in this museum. It is just situated at the southern bank of the West Lake. The exhibits in China Silk Museum include silk products from the Neolithic Age to Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties as well as something in present day; it shows the long development process of the silk.

Hangzhou Street

Hangzhou Tour Related Topic
Hangzhou Introduction
Hangzhou is located on the low reaches of Qiantang River in southeast China, with a distance of 180 kilometers to Shanghai. It is one of the key cities in the Yangtze delta area. With a history of more than 2,200 years, Hangzhou had once been the capital of Wu and Yue Kingdoms in Spring and Autumn Period and the capital of Southern Song Dynasty. It is famous for its natural beauty and the historical and cultural heritages and listed as one of the seven ancient capitals. see details of Hangzhou introduction...

Hangzhou Attractions
Fei Lai Feng, Huagang Park, Hupao Spring, Lingyin Temple, Mausoleum of General Yue Fei, National Tea Museum, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Southern Song Official Kiln Museum, West Lake, Xiling Seal Engraver's Society. See details of Hangzhou attractions ...

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