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Hongkong Tour

Hongkong Tour TypeHongkong
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Hongkong Tour Routes by China Travelkey
Hongkong Transfer Service
HK-PT-01. Hongkong Airport Pick up Service
HK-PT-02. Hongkong Island Airport Pick up Service
HK-PT-03. Kowloon Train/Pier Pick up Service
HK-PT-04. Hong Kong Island Train/Pier Pick up Service

Hongkong One Day Tour
HK-PT-05. Half Day of Hong Kong Island Tour
HK-PT-06. Half Day of New Territories Tour
HK-PT-07. Half Day of Ocean Park
HK-PT-08. Half day Lantau Island Tour
HK-PT-09. Full day Disneyland Park Tour
HK-PT-10. One Day of Hong Kong Island and Ocean Park Tour
HK-PT-11. One Day Macau Tour

Hongkong One Day Bus Tour
HK-ST-01. Half Day of Hong Kong Island Bus Tour
HK-ST-02. New Territories Bus Tour
HK-ST-03. 360 Lantau Explorer Bus Tour
HK-ST-04. One Day Macau City Bus Tour
HK-ST-05. Premium Hong Kong Island Bus Tour (with dinner)
HK-ST-06. Premium Hong Kong Island Bus Tour (no dinner)
HK-ST-07. Hong Kong Disneyland Bus Tour
HK-ST-08. Symphony of Lights-Victoria Harbour Dinner Cruise
HK-ST-09. Night tour of Pearl of Orient
HK-ST-10. Ocean Park Bus Tour
HK-ST-11. Hong Kong Island Bus Tour (with Sky Terrace)

Best Season of Hong Kong Tour
Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate, it will be warm for nearly half time in a year and with cool, dry winter and hot, humid summer. For tourist, autumn and spring are the best time to visit this Oriental Pearl, in fact, all year round are good for visiting since Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city for shopping and leisure.

Clothes and other Staffs to Pack
Bring a carry-on bag that includes everything you might need in case your luggage goes astray: passport, change of clothes, all medications, spare contact lenses or glasses, and all forms of money. Always pack suits in a garment bag to avoid excess wrinkles and misshapen garments after your flight.

HongkongAccommodation of Hong Kong Tour
There have more than fifty thousand rooms available for accommodation. Modest guesthouses and youth hostels are prepared for both normal guests and backpackers, hotels ranging from five stars luxury hotels to budget hostel will satisfy all the needs of your tour. Hotel facilities and service are all good; you will feel at home and enjoy a nice Hong Kong trip here.
Hong Kong Traffic: you can go to Hong Kong by air, by water and by rail.
·Hong Kong International Airport is located on Lantau Island. Free shuttle buses run from Hong Kong and Kowloon station for Airport Express passengers to various hotels. Many bus routes operate between the airport and Hong Kong and Kowloon.
·High-speed ferry services are operated to and from more than a dozen towns and cities in Guangzhou province's Pearl River Delta from the China Ferry Terminal and Hong Kong International Airport. A large number of cruise ships visit Hong Kong.
·Services between Shanghai-Kowloon/Hong Kong (journey time - 25 hours) and Beijing-Kowloon/Hong Kong (journey time - 24 hours) both run on alternate days. It is then possible to cross the border to Shenzhen, a special economic zone, in China over the border.
Here is some traffic about internal transportation:
·You will love the subway for its efficient, clean and safe.
·There are ever-present buses, usually air-conditioned double-deckers.
·Trams run on tracks and operate only on the northern part of Hong Kong Island. is a leisurely and inexpensive ride to see the Hong Kong Island.
·KCR is the old name of the train that goes north into the New Territories and ultimately stops at Lo Wu - which is the border where you can cross into China mainland, with the right visa.
·There are three kinds of taxis in Hong Kong: red, green and blue. The blue ones can only operate on the Lantau Island. The green ones can only operate in the New Territories. The red ones can go anywhere except for outlying islands not connected with a bridge - HK doesn't have amphibious taxis yet.

Hong Kong Tour TipsHongkong
Time: Hong Kong will be very crowded and busy during school vacation and those public holidays. Better avoid following holidays when planning your Hong Kong tour: New Year’ Day, Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, May Day and National Day.
Customs: As this was once a British Colony, you’ll find many customs left from British Rule. That means there are distinct and subtle differences in standards of etiquette in Hong Kong from other Asian countries. For example, spitting on the sidewalk may be perfectly acceptable on the mainland but it is highly frowned upon here. Likewise it is considered rude to scramble for the first seats on the train.
Language: English and Chinese are the two official languages of Hong Kong. The Cantonese dialect is most often heard, but others including Mandarin and Chiu-Chow are spoken as well.
Do not SMOKE in Some Places: Smoking is prohibited in all indoor public places, including restaurants, karaoke, malls and bars. The smoking ban is also implemented on public transport carriers, public transport facilities and in both indoor and outdoor areas of some premises such as public beaches and swimming pools, escalators, the Hong Kong Wetland Park. If you break the rule you will be punished by cash.
Environment Tip: Hong Kong has strict laws to maintain environmental hygiene, including fixed penalty fines of HK$1,500 for littering or spitting. Please help to keep Hong Kong clean and beautiful!
Food: There are many kinds of foods you can taste in Hong Kong. You will find everything you like here.
Dim Sum is the most famous in the long list of dishes in a Hong Kong meal. Impressively shaped, bite-size portions of dumplings with lightly seasoned fillings of meat and sea fish, fluffy buns with various fillings and glutinous rice, you can try every one of them.
Hot Pot is best savored with a pot of tea. Served in little bamboo steamers or pretty plates, dim sum is light in content. It is a favorite dish of the Chinese.
To find authentic Indian cuisine is not tough in Hong Kong. Restaurants serving dishes like 'tanduri chicken' and 'naan' abound in the island.
Western style of food is particularly popular in the young generation of Hong Kong. Numbers of restaurants prepare mouth-watering Western cuisine. Fast food joints are abundant in Hong Kong. Brands like McDonald's and Burger King are present in every corner of Hong Kong.
Hawkers register their presence in every Asian country and they are there in Hong Kong too. Visitors can savor varieties of hawker food along the streets and night markets. Popular dishes sold by these hawkers are wantan noodle, beef noodle, soy bean curd and fish balls on sticks.
Water:Tap water is drinkable. It meets the WHO standard in Hong Kong.
Shopping: Hong Kong has many shopping venues for the shopping lovers. You can shop in the street markets or some other shopping districts. Hong Kong's street markets are always full of excitement and color. The market stalls are where Hong Kong's dedicated shoppers hone their bargaining skills. There are a few for you to explore, such as Stanley Market, Temple Street Night Market, Ladies Market and Jade Market.
Hong Kong is a truly "Shoppers' Paradise". There are many shopping areas throughout Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories featuring stylish shopping malls, department stores as well as bustling open-air markets.
Festivals: Hong Kong, the Events Capital of Asia, offers a smorgasbord of fascinating and exciting events ranging from colourful local festivals to world-class arts and sports events.
Hong Kong Halloween Treats, Hong Kong International Jazz Festival and Hong Kong Cricket Sixes are all good ones on the list. Except those ones there are some normal festivals: Good Friday in 22 April, Easter in 24th April, Buddha Day Holiday in 10th May, Tuen Ng Festival in 6th June, Festival of the Hungry Ghost in August and Chung Yeung Festival in 5th October.

Recreation in Hong Kong
There are many places for recreation in Hong Kong; any place you go could make you happy and you will always find pleasure from it, in a word, Hong Kong is an entertainment heaven.
Hong Kong is as vigorous in the night as it is in day time, western style bars and discos are plenty with some attracting a mainly western clientele, while others a mix of locals and expatriates. Options range from British pubs and American bars to high-tech Japanese karaoke clubs and lat-night Chinese dance clubs.
There are three districts in Hong Kong that are famous for their entertainment spots. The first is Central where most expatriates and trendy locals go to, especially in the areas of Lan Kwai Fong. Then is Wan Chai, and late one is Tsim Tsa Tsui in Kowloon. You will enjoy yourself in those places.

Must-see Attractions of Hong Kong TourHongkong
The Peak: Known as one of the Hong Kong's most conspicuous landmark, The Peak is the best place to enjoy the colorful night scene of the surrounding city skyline, the famous Victoria Bay, towering skyscrapers and peaceful green hillsides. It is the tallest mountain in the city.
Victoria Bay: It is the largest harbor in China and one of Hong Kong’s greatest assets. Famous for its stunning panoramic views, the harbor has the most wonderful lights at night and earned Hong Kong a spot as one of the "three best night scenes of the world".
Hong Kong Disneyland: Located on Lantau Island Hong Kong Disneyland is the newest Disneyland until the Shanghai Disneyland is completed in the world and a must-go for attempting to incorporate Chinese culture, customs.
Hong Kong Avenue of Stars: It was built to recognize the film industry's contribution to promoting Hong Kong as a destination world wide, to honor celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry and promote tourism. It is located at the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade.
Repulse Bay: Repulse bay is an ideal area for dining, relaxation and aquatic activities. The beach of the Repulse Bay has become one of Hong Kong's most spectacular beaches because of its clean, cozy atmosphere.
Golden Bauhinia Square: Golden Bauhinia Square is an open area outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on the Wan Chai waterfront. The square was named after the giant sculpture of the "Forever Blooming Bauhinia" (Golden Bauhinia) at the center of the area.
Ocean Park: It is one of most popular local attractions. Opened in 1977, the park was one of the largest ocean parks in the world and features thrilling rides, exhibits and conservation facilities. Some of Asia's rarest animals also live here including red pandas, Chinese giant salamanders and Chinese alligators.
Aberdeen harbor: Aberdeen harbor is located on one of the southern tips of Hong Kong Island. It provides shelter for fishing boasts during storms. Visitors may enjoy tasty seafood here.
Lan Kwai Fong: Lan Kwai Fong is a dining and entertainment destination in Hong Kong. It is a center for the collection of clubs, bars, and restaurants. This L-shaped lane is a perfect place for the person who likes nightlife.

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