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Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan Province in Southwest China. It is the political, economical and cultural center of the province. It is surrounded by the mountains in three sides and with the Dianchi Lake in the south. Kunming is also called the “Spring City” for the pleasant climate.
Kunming city covers an area of 15,423,500 square kilometer and has more than 8 million people nowadays. There are many ethnic groups settled in here. Tibetans, Hui, Bai, Dai, Yi, Naxi and other groups contribute to a cultural melting pot that differentiates Kunming from the majority of other major Chinese cities. Each of these ethnic groups brings with it a unique set of traditions including food, dress, art, music and mythology. You can watch their unique custom shows including the special wedding ceremony, the festival ceremony and so forth in the Folk Village or the Village of Ethnic Cultures.
Kunming has pleasant climate with annual average temperature about 14.5 and annual precipitation of 1,035 mm. It is a beautiful city rich in lakes, hills, stones, caves, springs, waterfalls, flowers, ancient trees, gardens, and well known for cultural relics and ethnic customs. The city has become one of China's ten major tourist cities nowadays.
Kunming is rich in mineral resources, of which the reserves of phosphate rock and salt rank first in the country. The reserves of phosphate rock amount to 4.6 billion tons ranking first in the country and second in the world. The reserves of salt are second in the country. Since 1990, Kunming has seized the opportunity to emancipate people's mind to deepen the reform and open wider to the outside world. Its economy and social undertakings have made rapid progress.
Kunming called Tuodong in ancient time and was founded in 765 AD. It was named Kunming and flourished in Yuan Dynasty. The city has many famous scenery spots including the Stone Forest, the World Horticulture Expo Gardens, the Village of Ethnic Cultures and so forth.

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