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Fishermans Garden

Fishermans Garden, also called Wangshi Garden, is characteristic of the most exquisite garden-houses in Suzhou. The garden was built in 1174 A.D and originally the garden of the Song official Shi Zhengzhi and bore the name Thousand Scroll Hall. It was rebuilt during the reign of Emperor Qian Long by an early Qing-dynasty official Song Zongyuan and changed to its present name.

Covering 5,400 square meters, Fishermans Garden is divided into two parts: the eastern residential quarter and the western garden. The refined residential quarter is representative of those of the feudal gentry in old Suzhou. From south to north are ranged three elegantly decorated halls - the sedan hall, main hall and rear hall. These three sections open up along a middle axis. The entire residential area is very laid out rigorously and according to rules; not very large, but with rich atmosphere, contrasting the calm and reserve of the garden area.

The western garden, making up four fifth of the total area, is focused on a lake and decorated with plants, rocks, pavilions, and stone bridges. To the north of the lake, they are the 99 Watching Pines and Appreciating Paintings Studio, the Prunus Mume Pavilion. With white -washed walls as their backdrop, stones bamboo, Prunus mume and Musa basjoo partly concealed by windows and buildings have incredibly come to foorm numerous picturesque scenes. In the eastern part we find the Duck Shooting Corridor. To the west is a quiet petite court with Late Spring Abode (Dian Chun Yi) as its main building. To the south are Small Hill Osmanthus Bush Pavilion, Pavilion of Clean Water for Cap-string Washing, Stick to Peace Mansion and Lute Chamber, comprising courtyards of quiet seclusion. The gardens' construction make this small garden like a unique poem-of few words; a garden in a garden, a view in a view, giving unforgettable memories.

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