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Xinjiang Regional Museum

Xinjiang Regional Museum is located in the downtown of Urumqi. It was built in 1953 with an area of 7,800 sqm. The exhibitions in the museum can be divided into three sections.
The first is the minority cultures hall. The handicrafts, tools, costumes, household objects and religions of 12 minorities (the Uighur, Kazakh, Russian, Mongol, Kirgis, Hui, Tajik, Tatar and Ozbeck etc.) are exhibited here.
The second section has over 50,000 cultural relics excavated on the ancient Silk Road, which including ancient pottery, porcelain, terracotta figures, silk, scriptures and so on.
The exhibitions of the third section are most striking. Over 10 mummies found in the vast desert are well preserved here. Among them, the one named "Sleeping Beauty" is the most famous one. Though buried underground for about 3,800 years, when she was found, she was still clutching a small purse and wearing leather and fur sandals, even the expression is still vivid.


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