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Urumchi is the capital city of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the farmost northwest of China. It is located at the foot of the snow-capped Tianshan Mountain Range. Urumchi means "a beautiful pasture land " in ancient Mongolian used by the Junggar tribe, 2000 years ago it was once an important town on the new northern route of the Silk Road, which made great contribution in promoting Sino-foreign economic and cultural exchanges.Photo of Heaven Lake
Urumchi, the biggest inland city in China, enjoys a continental climate with the annual temperature of 6.4°C and the precipitation averages 236 mm yearly and is a semi arid area. Urumchi has four distinctive seasons, with the hottest time being July and August while coldest time is January. A feature of the climate is the great difference in temperature between daytime and night. A coat or sweater is needed during night even in the sweltering hot summer.

Urumchi has a long history. The place has been home to a mix of ethnic groups for nearly 2,000 years and became a heavily guarded fort in the Han Dynasty. The ancient Chinese Silk Road went through Xinjiang, known as the Western Regions at that time, and made Urumqi an important stopover. Urumqi is a multi-national city, where 43 ethnic groups reside. Many ethnic minorities in the area demonstrate the city’s rich cultural diversity. Han, Uygur, Hui, Kazak, Manchu, Kirgiz, Sala and Mongolian people are all represented in this culturally diverse region.

Urumchi has many tourist attractions with natural beauty and culture sites, such as Red Hill, Southern Mosque, Tartar Mosque, Southern Pasture and Xinjiang Regional Museum. All of the people here are hospitable and versatile, they all good at singing and dancing. While enjoying the delicious local food and a song and dance performance, you will definitely have a memorable tour here.

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Red Hill Park
Southern Mosque
Southern Pastures
Tartar Mosque
Xinjiang Regional Museum

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