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Beijing Weather

As the capital of China, Beijing is the most important city when foreign travelers plan a China tour.
The weather of Beijing will effect the tour arrangement when you take sightseeing in this city. Chinatravelkey presents details of weather in Beijing.

Beijing Weather Today
Please find the temperature, Sunny / cloudy / rainy, sunrise and sunset information:

BeiJing Weather Forecast

BeiJing Weather Forecast


Central Beijing

: 7
Crowded people, vehicle and tall buildings made the environment of central Beijing is not so good. The government of Beijing invests great funds and money to change the condition, such as moving some factories and markets out of Beijing, adding new greens, control the numbers of vehicle and people. Travelers may find the environment is getting much better than several years ago.

Human Comfort index: 6
Almost all areas of Beijing city are covered with asphalt, and not so much green. It is not so comfort to stay in central Beijing.

UV index: 7
The sunshine is strong when there is sun, especially in summer and autumn. Sunglass and Parasol are necessary in summer, especially when you visit Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City, because there is almost no trees to cover you.

Air quality status / Air visibility: 6
Beijing is trying to promote the quality of air, and the outcome is obvious. The days with blue sky is getting more and more since 2008.

Suburb of Beijing

Environment: 9
There is not so crowded people and vehicle in Suburb Beijing, and there are more green, which make the environment of Suburb Beijing in very good status. And the environment of north area is better than south, because the terrain of north area is higher than south and there are much more mountains in north. So travelers may find the sky is very blue when take a Great Wall tour. All Great Walls near Beijing are located more than 50 km north of downtown Beijing.

Human Comfort index: 9
Mountain, river, forest, not so many people and vehicles make the stay in suburb more comfortable.

UV index: 8
The sunshine is very strong; although the temperature is lower than downtown Beijing. Sunglass and Parasol are must when you take Great Wall tour in summer or autumn.

Air quality status / Air visibility: 9
Air quality of suburb is much better than Beijing city. The best place is Miyun and Huairou district. So travelers find the air quality is very good when visit Mutianyu Great Wall or Jinshanling Great Wall.


spring in Beijing covers March April and May. Beijing is warm, windy and dry in spring. The average temperature is -1℃ to 12 ℃. It is warm in daytime and still cold in the evening. Chinatravelkey suggest travelers to wear suits, bodysuit, windbreaker, casual wear, jackets in daytime; and suggest to wear coat, winter coats, leather jackets, thick wool coats, hats, gloves in the evening.

spring is one of the best seasons to take Beijing tour. Travelers may find flowers dotted the mountain around Great Wall. And it is cozy to visit downtown Beijing, all trees are getting green. Summer Palace and Great Wall are very beautiful in spring. And it is the season to enjoy flowers in suburb of Beijing. UV index is high when it is sunny, but people love sunshine because it is a little cold.

Many international cruise ships will dock at Tianjin, and bring foreigners to visit Beijing from Xingang Port. Heavy fog often appear near Xingang Area. And the fog takes some trouble to travelers.

spring in Beijing covers June July and August. Beijing is Rainy and hot in summer. The average temperature of summer is 18℃ to 29℃. Sometimes the temperature can reach 35 to 40℃ . Chinatravelkey suggest you to wear cotton fabric shirt, thin skirt, T-shirts. UV index is very high; sunglass and umbrella are must in Beijing.

It is a good chance to visit Museum in downtown Beijing, such as National Museum, Capital Museum, because there is air condition in the building. Another choice is visiting mountain around Beijing. The temperature of mountain is lower than downtown Beijing and the mountain is very beautiful in summer.

It is rainy in July and August, and the rain usually falls in the afternoon, and get sunny after one hours' rain. Don't be upset if you are visiting on Great Wall, because the Great Wall is attractive in rain. But please don't use cellphone on higher point of Great Wall when it is thundering.

If you prefer to take Great Wall tour in summer, Chinatravelkey suggest you to visit Jinshanling Great Wall. This part of Great Wall is far from Beijing, so you will feel cool when drive from downtown to the mountain area. And you may stay one night in the hotel near the Great Wall.

autumn covers September October and November. Beijing is green and cool in this season. The average temperature is 15℃ to 25℃ . It is a little hot during daytime and a little cold in the evening. Chinatravelkey suggest you to wear cotton fabric shirt or T-shirts in daytime and suits or jackets in the evening.

autumn is one of the best seasons to visit Beijing. While taking Great Wall tour, travelers may find attractive Great Wall and Green trees under blue sky. UV index is also very high in autumn, please take sunglass and umbrella when take outdoor activity.

winter covers December January and February in Beijing. Beijing is dry and cold in winter. The average temperature is -5℃ to 5℃. The lowest temperature is around -20℃ in the evening. Chinatravelkey suggest you to wear leather jackets, thick wool coats, hats and gloves. The temperature on Great Wall is lower than downtown Beijing.

Actually, winter is also a good season to take Beijing tour; Great Wall under white snow is very beautiful. It is warm in downtown museum. And the tour cost is less expensive in winter.

Extreme Weather
Gale : It is windy in Sprig, sometimes there is gale.
Typhoon : There is some distance from Beijing to sea, so there is almost no typhoon.
Thunder : Thunder often visit Beijing in summer. Please do not use cellphone in beacon tower when you visit Great Wall.
Hail : Sometimes there is hail in summer.
Cold wave : Cold wave happens from end of December to February.
Tornado : There is no record of tornado till now.
Sandstorm : Sandstorm often happen before 2008, especially in spring. Now it is seldom happen in spring.
Haze : Haze often happen in winter of 2012 and 2013. It is getting better when government try to stop it.

Beijing Weather Forecast
It is very convenient to get weather information via TV, Internet, mobile phone or radio.

Beijing Weather Related Organization

Beijing Meteorological Society
Add: No.44 of Zizhuyuan Road Beijing

Beijing WeiAisi Weather Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Add: No. 46, Huafeng buidling, Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing.

Beijing Meteorological Observation Center
Add: No. 55  Beiwaxili, Beijing.

Beijing Zhongtianqi Investment Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 3 of Duqing Avenue Beijing

Beijing Weather Engineering Technology Research Center
Address: No. 55  Beiwaxili, Beijing.

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