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Dalian Tour

Dalian is situated at the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula, facing the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea. Dalian is the gate to Beijing and Tianjin, it plays an important role in northeast Asia economic circle also it is one of the most important industrial cities and a min seaport of China. Dalian is suitable for tourist and living for its beautiful beaches, clean streets, islands, gardens and picturesque hilly landscapes. People can enjoy sunshine, clear air and all sorts of seafood in Dalian. It is also a modern tourism city famous for fashion, football and its annual beer festival. Dalian International Fashion Festival attracts thousands of dazzling celebrities, designers and pop stars from both domestic and abroad. Famous tourist spots in Dalian are Bangchuidao Scenic Area, Laohutan Ocean Park, Bingyu Valley Scenic Area, Jinshitan Scenic Area, Lushun and Xinghai Park, etc. Dalian Jinshitan
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Dalian tour type
Chinatravelkey provides Dalian one day tour, Dalian private package tour, Dalian transfer servcie.

Dalian Tour Itinerary Provided by Chinatravlkey:
Dalian Package Tour excluding Hotel
DL-PK-01. Dalian 2 days tour of Sunasia Ocean World and Golden Pebble Beach
DL-PK-02. Dalian 2 days city tour: Sunasia Ocean World, Bangchui island, Tiger Beach
DL-PK-03. 3 days Dalian tour
DL-PK-04. 4 Days Dalian typical tours

Dalian Package Tour including Hotel
DL-PH-01. Dalian 4 days city tour
DL-PH-02. Dalian 6 days tour including Lvshun

Dalian One Day Tour
DL-PO-01. Dalian day tour - Zhongshan Square, Renmin Square, Xinghai Square, Bangchu Island, Tiger Beach Fujiazhuang Bathing beach.
DL-PO-02. Dalian day tour of Xinhai Park, Sunasia Ocean World, Binhai Road
DL-PO-03. Dalian Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist Resort
DL-PO-04. Dalian One Day Tour - Xinghai Park,Binhai Road
DL-PO-05. Dalian Lvshun One Day Tour - Lvshun Museum, Snake Museum, Hengshan Temple

Dalian Transfer Service
DL-PT-01. Dalian airport transfer
DL-PT-02. Dalian train station transfer
DL-PT-03. Dalian Cruise Port- Hotel

Place to Start Dalian Tour
We can pick up travelers from hotel, apartment, railway station or cruise pier in Dalian. And we also can arrange Datong tour start from other cities, such as Beijing, Xian.

Best Season of Dalian Tour
Dalian is located at the southern end of Liaoning Peninsula of China, beside the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea. It is a warmest city in Northeast China and enjoys a Monsoon-influenced humid continental climate with ocean climate features. Surrounded by the sea Dalian is a well known tourist resort to enjoy the hot summer. The hottest month in Dalian is August and the coldest month is January. Rainfall is concentrated in summer with frequent rainstorms, so the best season to start your Dalian tour is May to October.

Must-see Attractions of Dalian Tour
Jinshitan Scenic Area: Located at the shore of Huanghai Sea, this scenic area is the largest state-level holiday resort in China. Surrounded by the sea, Jinshitan Scenic Area has not only fresh air, clean sea water, sunshine and a spacious beach but also a top golf course, international yacht club as well as swaths of game land. You can enjoy yourself with any thing here.
Laohutan Ocean Park: It is just situated in the center of Dalian. The park is the largest sea creature park with coral reefs existing in their natural habitat, and the tiger sculpture in Tigers Sculpture Square is the symbol of Laohutan Ocean Park. Many other exhibitions and rare animals could be seen here.
Xinghai Park: Xinghai Park is a seashore park in Dalian, it boasts a long-term history. This garden has luxuriant trees and flowers, and the tranquil atmosphere attracts numerous visitors every year. During summer, endless streams of travellers stand at the Seaside Pavilion to view the broad expanse of sea, appreciating the Xinghai stone, moon rock and the endless sea.
Bangchuidao: it is an island surrounded bylush pine and cypress-topped mountains in the north beaches in the south. Occupying an area of only 0.3 square km, Bangchuidao offers travellers charming scenery with a myriad of unique plants and jagged rocks.
Dalian Shengya Ocean World: it has the longest transparent underground sea channel in Asia. A moving passageway guides tourists through the tunnel to get a close up look at exotic fishes, sharks and other sea life. Ferocious sharks, big-headed flying fish, colorful tropical fish, and many other rare species could also be seen here.
Dalian Golden Pebble Beach International Tourist Resort: There are four tourist centers in this resort, they are green center, blue center, silver center and color center. You can enjoy gulf, boating, hunting and join many flower displays or sales in there. Experience how wonderful of this resort by yourself!

Accommodation of Dalian tour
Dalian is one of the best tourist cities in China, there are so many travelers come to this resort heaven for vacation every year. Dalian has many world top brand hotels operation which providing numbers of qualified hotels for the travelers. Shangri-la, Kempinski and Furawa, etc is all available in this city. There are more than two hundred staring hotel in Dalian. High standard five stars hotel adnd cheap guest houses are all available for any kind of travelers or backpackers; you can choose them as you need. Hotel facilities and service would always make you satisfied. Dalian China

Clothes and other Staffs to Pack
Bring T-shirt, shorts, skirts, sandals, sunglasses, hats and suntan oil with you. If your plan of Dalian tour is in summer, take an umbrella in case there is so much rain in the evenings. While if you want to visit in winter you should take more cloth and wear an overcoat, sweater, jeans, gloves and warm shoes since winter in Dalian is very cold, especially in January.

Dalian Traffic
Ways to go Dalian:
Travelers can take train, bus, airplane and boat to Dalian.
·Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is about 10 km northwest of the city; it connects many big cities in China and abroad. The airline shuttle bus from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm and costs RMB10. It runs between the airport and the Dalian downtown area.
·Dalian Central Train Station is located next to Shengli (Victory) square in the town centre. Direct trains serve most cities in Northeast China as well as Beijing and Tianjin, but longer journeys usually involve a change at Beijing.
·Long distance buses are available, and serve most destinations in the vicinity of Dalian. There has long distance bus station and some smaller stations in Dalian.
·Dalian port station is situated in northern Wuwu Road in east Dalian. As we know that Dalian is a very busy port with ships traveling between Dalian and Yantai, Weihai, Penglai, Qinhuang islands, port of Tianjin, and Changhai County. High-speed tourist ships between Dalian and Yantai, Qinhuang islands and Changhai County have been added. There are also passenger ships that travel between Dalian port and Incheon, South Korea.
Transportation in Dalian: Many small urban and suburban rail stations are available for transportation in Dalian; public bus, special tourist bus, trams, light rail and taxi are all available for taking you around the city.
·There are over 150 bus routes enable budget travelers to get around the city easily.
·There are three main tourist buses which cover almost all the tourist attraction in the city except Golden Pebble Beach scenic.
·Trams in Dalian are not only an important means of transport but a historical testimony of this century-old city and it serve as a crucial means of transport in the downtown area.
·Dalian boasts a 50km long light rail line starting from the downtown commercial center near Dalian Railway Station. The line goes through five administrative districts of the city and serves as an express transport between north ward to Golden Pebble Beach.
·Taxi in Dalian is very convenient for your journey; the taxi drivers in the city have a good reputation for their hospitality.

Recreation in Dalian: In recent years, the Dalian government has advocated a special '3S' (spring, sports, shopping) tourist program in the city in order to attract more tourists during the low winter season. Winter sports such as the skiing, mountain climbing, horse-racing and winter swimming have attracted many sports adventurers who wish to spend the New Year period in the city. The Ice Festival in Bingyu Valley, the hunting sports in Jinshitai Scenic Area is two of the most popular sightseeing options.
The square around the downtown area are popular for nightlife, you can find some popular activities here like local acrobatics, modern dance troupes and other shows, also you can go to the bars and nightclubs around.
Another good way for relax is go to the beaches in Dalian, the recommended beaches are Xinghai Beach and Jinshatan Beach.

Dalian Tour Tips:
Food: Food in Dalian is mainly Shandong cuisine, and you can taste good seafood here. Some highly recommended seafood is sea cucumber, abalone, scallop, prawn, clam, haihong, clam and oyster. Wuwu Road Food Street is actually a featured bar street and numerous travelers has been attracted by the fame of it. Shandong Road Food Street is another good place for food.
Water: Tap water in the hotel could not be drink directly.
Shopping: Dalian is a paradise for shoppers; it boasts numerous shopping choices including world famous fashion brands, seafood and seashell carvings, etc.
The tourist peak season starts from every May when the Locust Tree Festival is held and ends at September after the finish of the International Fashion Festival, you can buy all the latest fashion in clothing around the world during this period.
·Dalian Spring Fireworks Festival is in 2nd to 8th January depending on lunar calendar. It is a great festival event in the city and thousands of tourists will come to Dalian for the celebration.
·Dalian International Beer Festival begins from late July or August and lasts for half a month. It is a summer carnival held on Xinghai Square each year. A variety of beer companies advertise new products by sponsoring activities including disco performances, photography contests, beer culture exhibitions, beer drinking contests, artwork displays and other festival events.
·Dalian International Marathon Contest is held in the last Sunday of October. It is a great event for sports lovers, participations from both domestic and abroad are coming to Dalian join the game.

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