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Dunhuang Tour

Dunhuang MuseumDunhuang has a long-term history about two thousand years. It is notable for the famous Mogao Caves. Situated at the northwest of Gansu Province and bordering with Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region as well as Qinghai province, transportation in Dunhuang is very convenient. As an ancient desert staging post on Silk Road, Dunhuang boasts rich culture, relics and natural scenery. It is the best tourist destination in Gansu Province. In ancient times Dunhuang was the center of trade between China and its western neighbors, with the flourishing of trade along the Silk Road, Dunhuang became one of the first cities open to international trade in Chinese history. Even today, travelers can still experience the atmosphere of those times when visiting the city. Splendid stone caves are the scenic spots that should never miss in Dunhuang tour.
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One Day Dunhuang Tour
Dunhuang one day private tour
Tour code: DH-PO-01.
Feature: Visit Dunhuang hilights within 8 hours.
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Private Package Dunhuang Tour
Dunhuang 3 days private tour
Tour code: DH-PH-01.
Feature: Covers all Dunhuang hilights within 3 hours.

Dunhuang Transfer Service
Dunhuang airport transfer
Tour code: DH-PT-01.

Dunhuang train station transfer
Tour code: DH-PT-02.

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Place to Start Dunhuang Tour
Chinatravelkey can pick up travelers from airport, train station, hotels or apartment of Dunhuang.

Note of Dunhuang Tour
Dunhuang is a dry city. Sunglass and hat are necessary in Summer.

Dunhuang Tour Photo
Dunhuang Museum Echoing Sand Mountain Mogao Grottoe Night Market Great Wall Han Mogao Grottoe

Best Season of Dunhuang Tour
Dunhuang is located in northwest part of China, and it is an ancient desert staging post on the Silk Road; sometimes the weather here is not so good during a year, there are sandstorms in March and April, the wind sometimes reaching the speed of 3m/sec. so, the best season for your Dunhuang tour are May, June, September to November. Summer in this part of China is hot relatively; if you can choose other month for your trip, better avoid summer time.

Accommodation of Dunhuang Tour
The number of hotels in Dunhuang is not large, totally 36 hotels with different star ratings could be chosen for your accommodation. More and more hotels have been built for the blooming of tourism industry hence you can choose more from them. Majority hotels are located not far from the city center since Dunhuang is not a large city and the architecture of much hotels remain the style of Tang Dynasty, you will feel much difference in those hotels. Though Dunhuang is not so big the accommodation condition of this city is good, no matter the high star rating and the budget ones are all fully equipped and with qualified service. You will always be satisfied in your Dunhuang tour.

Dunhuang Tour TipsDunhuang China
What to pack: Depend on the season you come, take a jacket or a coat when it is cool. Wear the sunglasses and caps when you visit some desert part in Dunhuang and they can defend the strong sunshine and the sand flying up in the air. The air is extremely dry sometimes, take enough water is necessary.
Shopping: What you will interest is the hand-made carpets that show the picture of Mogao Grotto Frescos; they are valuable and you will be amazed by exquisite skills. The commercial area of Dunhuang is not so big, and there has no crowded people, you can walk along the street with relax mood. Shazhou Night Market is a good place for your night life.
Time: Avoid the sandstorm weather while arrange your Dunhuang tour. Winter and summer is cold and hot, bring more clothes and take some sun-prevent tools for your trip.
Eating: Never miss the specialties and snacks in Dunhuang. Noodles are popular in Dunhuang; some of them are really good to try: Yellow noodle with donkey meat and cool and spicy Nianpizi (which is made by wheat). You can find some good restaurant in Shazhou Night Market. Western dishes and little snacks could be found in the Mingshan Lu. If you want to get some coffee, Charley John’s, Shirley’s and John’s information Café are good ones to choose.
Festival: There is a notable local festival celebration in Dunhuang—the celebration for the birth of Sakyamuni is held from the eighth of lunar fourth month for days. Many local worshippers are coming to join this important activity in a year. It will be very crowd in Mogao Grottoes area during this time.

Must-see Attractions of Dunhuang TourGreat Wall Yangguan
Crescent Lake: This scenic spot is located in the southwest part of Dunhuang and just beside the famous Echoing-sand Mountain. It is a natural spring shaped like a crescent moon hence called it “Crescent Lake”. From the peak you can get wonderful view of the whole scenery. It is the first spring in the desert and never dries up, for thousand years it was attacked by the sandstorms but still survived and remains clear, it could be regarded as a miracle in desert, and really worth for visiting.
Echoing-sand Mountain: The Mountain is about five kilometers away from Dunhuang city, it is famous for the sound of the moving sand and it has been listed as the national key scenic spot in 1994. In fact, this mountain is not a real mountain but a giant sand dune, when you approach it you will hear the sound like a war is happening, a big fight and some roar of the soldiers. You can not only hear the sound but also see something magical, the sand of the mountain change its colors all the time, believe me that is fairly true! The color is ranging from red to yellow, green, black and white. When a strong wind blows the fast shifting sand roars, while a light breeze comes the sand will also change gentle.
Mogao Caves: Located in the heart of the Gobi Desert, Mogao Caves in 25 kilometers away from Dunhuang city. It has been awarded as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains some of the finest examples of Buddhist art spanning a period of 1000 years. Mogao Caves also known as Thousand-Buddha Caves and is a pearl on the Silk Road. The constructions last from 4th to 14th century AD with 45000 square meters of mural paintings and more than 2000 color statues are regarded as the greatest treasure-house of Buddhist art exist in the world. Mogao Caves is the most popular tourist site in Dunhuang, and it has famed both in both domestic and abroad. If you can choose only one destination in your tour, please pick this one without hesitation.
Western Thousand-Buddha Cave: It is located to the west of the Mogao Caves, about 35 kilometers away from Dunhuang city. The frescos this cave is similar in structure and artistic style to those in the Mogao Caves. Mogao Caves, the Yulin Cave and the Western Thousand-Buddha Cave consists the Moagao Grotto. This scenic spot was appeared earlier than the appearance of the Mogao Caves, it has sixteen caves, and some of them have collapsed. No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 and No.8 are good preserved ones for visit. It was listed as a key cultural relic under the state protection in 1961.Great Wall Han
White Horse Dagoba: White Horse Dagoba is a lama style dagoba, it is located in Whit Horse Village, Danghe Town, one kilometer away from Dunhuang city. The dagoba has 9 storey and twelve meters high, with an octagonal foundation. It looks like an upside down lotus with petals surround the central body. The Pagoda overall is in the lamaist style of the Ming Dynasty. It is evident from the characters engraved on two stones and on a block in the middle of the second storey that the White Horse Dagoba was repaired many times by later generations.
Yangguan Pass: Yuangguan Pass is located in the southwest of Dunhuang. It was a gateway to the western region and also an important pass on the Silk Road. Chinese people know it from the poet Wangwei, who was a famous poet of Tang Dynaty. He made Yangguan an everlasting attraction. There is a ruined tower standing on a reddish sandstone hill, it gives a perfect view of the vast area around it. On visiting Yangguan Pass one may be dismayed to find the loss of a civilization there but the museum of the Yangguan Pass offers a glimpse of the grandeur of the past.
Dunhuang Museum: This museum is located at Yangguan East Road in Dunhuang city; it was set up in 1979 and with the total construction of 2400 square meters. The museum has more than 4000 cultural relics and is divided into three sections. In front of the museum stand a group of carved figures depicting people leading their camels as they travel along the Silk Road. The musrum also exhibits relics excavated from the local area, such as paper, coins, a model of the Great Wall as it appeared during the Han Dynasty and a torch from its beacon towers.

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