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Guilin Tour

Photo of Guilin Li RiverGuilin is situated along the Lijiang River,which is a attractive city with beauty of water and the Karst peaks towering into the sky. It is a key tourist city. Many travers come to Guilin for a visit. They all deeply impressed and gave high praises.

Guilin Tour Type

Guilin tour arranged by Chinatravelkey will show you the beauty of Li River, yangshuo, Longsheng and othe attractions nearby including private one day tour, private package tour, private transfer service and Guilin bus tour.

Guilin Tour Routes Arranged by Chinatravelkey Team
Guilin Tour Including Hotel
GH-1 Guilin 3 days Tour
GH-2 Guilin 4 Days Tour
GH-3 4 Days tour of Guilin, Longsheng, Li River and Yangshuo
GH-4 4 Days tour of Guilin Li River Cruise and Merry Land
GH-5 4 Days Guilin Yangshuo Typical tour
GH-6 4 Days Guilin and Lipu tour
GH-7 5 Days Guilin Yangshuo and Daxu Tour
GH-8 Guilin 5 Days Typical Tour
GH-9 Guilin Longsheng Sanjing Yangshuo Tour
GH-10 Guilin Panorama Tour

Yangshuo of GuilinGuilin Private Tour Excluding Hotel
GK-1 Guilin 3 Days Private Tour
GK-2 4 days Guilin tour of longsheng and Li river cruise
GK-3 Guilin 4 days private tour
GK-4 Guilin 4 Days Private Tour of Guilin Li River and Yangshuo
GK-5 Guilin 5 Day Typical Private Tour

Guilin Private One Day Tour
GD-1 Guilin One Day City Tour
GD-2 Guilin One Day Li River Cruise
GD-3 Guilin Half Day Tour
GD-4 Guilin Half Day Tour of Ling Canal
See more one day Guilin Tour

Guilin Join in Bus Tour
GL-A : Join in Guilin One Day Tour A
(Reed Flute Cave—The Elephant Trunk Hill—The Fubo Hill—The Seven Stars Park)
GL-B : Join in Guilin One Day Tour B
(Li River Cruise)
GL-C : Join in Guilin One Day Tour C
(Longji Rice Terraces)
GL-AB :Join in Guilin Two Days Tour AB
GL-AC :Join in Guilin Two Days Tour AC
GL-BC :Join in Guilin Three Days Tour BC

GL-D :Join in Guilin Four Days Tour D
GL-BC :Join in Guilin Five Days Tour BC

Guilin tour testimonial, Click here to see more.Guilin Transfer Service
GT-1 Guilin Airport Transfer
GT-2 Guilin Train Station Transfer
GT-3 Guilin Zhujiang Pier Transfer

Guilin Tour Testimonial
- What travelers speak after Guilin tour with Chinatravelkey team:
Jenny was a wonderful guide who was always helpful and wanting to please.

Places to Start Guilin Tour
Our guide and vehicle can meet you from Guilin airport, Guilin railway station, hotels or apartment in Guilin or in Yangshuo. We also can arrange Guilin tour from other cities of China.

Fubo Hill of GuilinBest Season of Guilin Tour
The best time to visit Guilin is April to October. But temperature around all year is warm hence make it a year long visiting place for tourists.
Spring in Guilin is warm, with some gentle rains. Summer is hot and humid, while autumn is regarded as the best season for travel here for the weather is cool and the scenery in this season would be more attractive. It is rarely snow in winter.
Try to avoid the period from May 1 to May 7 and October 1 to October 7 because there is national vacation in China. Many local travelers come to enjoy the beautiful city. 

Must-see Attractions of Guilin tour
Do include these attractions when travel Guilin: Li River, Yangshuo, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill and Moon Hill.

Guilin Tour Photo
Fubo Hill of GuilinElephant Trunk Hill of GuilinLiRiver of GuilinLiRiver of GuilinLongsheng of GuilinYangshuo of Guilin

Accommodation of Gulin Tour
Guilin has a prosperous tourism industry. It has all kinds of Guilin hotels cater to the traveler’s need. Hotels are ranging from star rate hotels, county-level guesthouse, modern art hotel and hostel.

Tell me something about food in Guilin
Food flavor in Guilin is influenced by the food of Canton, Sichuan, Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Fujian. Among those famous local snacks, these are the most popular ones: Guilin Rice Noodles, Lipu Taro and Pork Loaf, Yangshuo Beer Fish, oil tea, Steamed Li River Fish and Bowel Cake, etc.

Yangshuo of GuilinShopping in Guilin
Guilin’s three treasures are Guilin Sanhua Liquor, Guilin Fermented Bean Curd and Guilin Chili Sauce. If you want to buy something special, they are the top choice.

Guilin Tour Tips
In spring and autumn, take something lighter with a woolen sweater will be good. Summer is the rainy season, bring an umbrella with you and T-shirts with skirts, shorts or slacks are the best choice for summer. Warm clothes are recommend for winter.

Guilin Tour Related Topic
Guilin Introduction
Guilin is situated along the Li River and in the northeast part of Guangxi Zhuang Ethnic Group Autonomous Region. It covers an area of 4,194 square kilometers and a population of 1.25 million. see details of Guilin Introduction...

Guilin Attractions
Li River, Yangshuo, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Moon Hill. See details of Guilin Attractions ...

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