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Huangshan Tour

Photo of Mountain Huangshan Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain), which is located in Huangshan City, is famous for the splendid natural beauties. The most famous four wonders are picturesque pines, peculiar stones, sea of clouds and hot springs, which has attracted numerous visitors from both home and abroad.

Huangshan Tour Type
Huangshan tour arranged by Chinatravelkey includes Huangshan private tour and Huangshan transfer service.

Huangshan Tour Routes Arranged by Chinatravelkey Team
Huangshan Tour & China Tour
HS1. Beijing Yellow Mountain Shanghai Watertown Tour
HS2. Beijing Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Shanghai Tour
HS3. Guangzhou Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) She Xian County Shanghai Tour
HS4. Shanghai Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Tour
HS5. Huangshan Hotspring Tour

Local Huangshan Tour
HS-PH-01. Huangshan 2 days tour
HS-PH-02. 3 days Mt.HuangShan and Hong Cun village Tour
HS-PH-03. 3 day tour of Huangshan and Tunxi old street
HS-PH-04. 4 days tour of Mt. Huangshan, Tunxi Ancient Street and Hongcun Village

Huangshan Tour Testimonial, click here to see more.Huangshan Transfer Service

HS-PT-01. Huangshan Airport Mt.Huangshan Transfer
HS-PT-02. Tunxi Airport Huangshan City Transfer
HS-PT-03. Railway Station - Huangshan Mountain
HS-PT-04. Railway Station - Hotel in Huangshan City
HS-PT-05. Huangshan - Hangzhou city
HS-PT-06. Huangshan - Shanghai city
HS-N-1. One Day Ancient Huizhou Construction Tour (Private Tour)
HS-N-2. Huangshan Day Tour (Private Tour)
HS-N-3. 3 Days Huangshan and Hongcun Village Tour (Private Tour)
HS-N-4. Huangshan 3 Days Tour from Hangzhou (Private Tour)
HS-N-5. 4 Days Huangshan and Ancient Huizhou Tour (Private Tour)
HS-N-6. Huangshan and Huizhou Culture 4 Days Tour (Private Tour)
HS-N-7. 5 Days Hangzhou and Huangshan Tour (Private Tour)
HS-N-8. 5 Days Huangshan and Xin’an River HikingTour (Private Tour)
HS-N-9. Huangshan 5 Days Trekking Tour (Private Tour)

Huangshan Tour Testimonial
- What travelers speak after Huangshan tour with Chinatravelkey team:
Our guide, Cindy, was excellent. She was patiently and very helpful. Her English is very good. I want to have her as a guide when we back to China.

Places to Start Huangshan Tour
Our guide and vehicle can meet you from Huangshan airport, train station, your hotel lobby or your apartment.

Hongcun of HuangshanBest Season of Huangshan Tour
Generally speaking, March to November is the best time to visit Huangshan. Try to avoid the period from May 1 to May 7 and October 1 to October 7 because there is national vacation in China. Many local travelers come to enjoy the beautiful Huangshan. 

Must-see Attractions of Huangshan tour
Mountain Huangshan, Tunxi old street, Xidi Village and Hongcun Village

Huangshan Tour Photo
See the photo of Huangshan to get a profile what you will visit when travelling Huangshan.
Mt.HuangshanMt.HuangshanHongcun of HuangshanHongcun of HuangshanTunxi of HuangshanTunxi of Huangshan

Accommodation of Huangshan Tour
There are three areas for Huangshan accommodation. They are Tunxi district, Tangkou town and Huangshan Mountain sumit. Many good quality Huangshan hotels are offered to cater the needs of travelers.

Tell me something about food in Huangshan
There are some popular local dishes to recommend: Drunk Crab in Tunxi, Lotus Cake, Mandarin Fish, Huizhou Odorous Bean Curd, Fuling Rose Pastry, Fuliji Roast Chicken and Shi’er and Shiji Stewed in Bamboo Tubes.

Hongcun of Huangshan
Shopping in Huangshan

The most noted local specialties in Huangshan are Maofeng tea leaves and She ink stone (a tool in traditional calligraphy) as well as Hui ink. Other famous local products are: bamboo shoots, mushrooms in Yixian, Huizhou chrysanthemums and the four scholarly treasures.

Huangshan Tour Tips
Safety tips for Mt. Huangshan:
#. Watch your footing when climbing the steps and be mindful of your safety when taking photos. Particularly take your time and watch your step where there is snow or ice on the ground. Stop walking if you want to look at scenery or take photos.
#. There is no smoking allowed on the mountain, except in the smoking areas.
#. If there is a storm, please do not climb to the summits or stand under trees which may be struck by lightning.
#. Use a raincoat for protection from the wind and rain. Don’t use an umbrella as it can be an inconvenience or even a hazard.
#. Please keep away from monkeys on the mountain. Don’t bring out food in front of them.

Tunxi of HuangshanHuangshan Tour Related Topic
Huangshan Introduction
Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain), which is located in Huangshan City, the southern part of Anhui Province, has long been regarded as the most beautiful mountain in China. Famous for the splendid natural beauties, Huangshan Mountain has been listed as one of the World Natural and Cultural Heritages in 1990. see details of Huangshan Introduction...

Huangshan Attractions
Mountain Huangshan, Tunxi old street, Xidi Village and Hongcun Village. see details of Huangshan Attractions...

Huangshan Hotels
Huangshan tour phpto
Testimonial of our company
Mountain Huangshan tour testimonial

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