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Kashi Tour, Kashgar Tour

The Tianshan Mountain cuts Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region into two: the southern andId Kah Mosque northern regions. Kashgar is situated at the westernmost edge of the southern part. It is a small city in Chinese sense, while it still retains an air of the exotic. Kashgar is China's Muslim center. It used to be an important stop on the centuries-old Silk Road. The city's relative inaccessibility has had a great influence on its character. In Uygur language, Kashgar means ‘a place where precious stones get together’. This name carries some truth with the finding of precious stones in the region, such as Kulun Jade and Hetian Jade. According to historic records, Kashgar has been a town for more than two millennia.
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Kashgar Tour Routes Provided by Chinatravelkey
KS-PO-01. Kashi 1 day tour of Id Kah Mosque and Xiangfei TombKashgar Tour Testimonial, click here to see more.
KS-PO-02. Kashgar 1 day tour of Sunday Bazaar and ID Kah Mosque
KS-PH-01. 3 days Kashi tour
KS-PT-01. Kashi airport transfer
KS-PT-02. Kashi train station transfer

Best Season of Kashgar Tour
Kashgar Prefecture is surrounded by mountains in three directions, west, south and north, with a temperate continental arid climate and being divided into plain, desert, and mountain and hilly land because of its diverse terrain and great contrast in climate. Kashgar City is in plain climatic region, and has four distinct seasons. It is dry all year round. The best time to visit Kashgar is August and September for they are the harvest month during the year, many fruits and crops could be harvested during this two month, and travelers can experience rich Xinjiang culture in Kashgar this time.
Time Zone: East 6 time zone

Clothes and other Staffs to Pack
It snows occasionally in spring and winter is fiercely cold, take some warm clothes to keep warm, down jacket, gloves and scarf can be packaged in your baggage. While summer is hot, better wear a hat, sunglasses and put some sun block lotion to protect yourself from the sun. Autumn is windy sometimes, take long-sleeve and a windproof coat for this season. Weather in Kashgar is dry, remember drink much water or eat some fruit to keep balance. A pair of comfortable shoes is necessary in any season for travel.

Kashgar Tour Photo
Xiangfei Tomb Kashgar Street Renmin Square Kashgar Bazaar Kashgar Airport Id Kah Mosque

Accommodation of Kashgar Tour
Many star hotels can be offered to the travelers in Kashgar city, with various star rating, the accommodation can cater to the need of all kinds of guests. The feature of Kashgar hotel is their local ethnic characteristic. On the other hand, if you want to rest outside Kashgar city you need to take a tent with you since there have no hotels outside the city. It is recommended that visitors make reservation in advance in the tourist season.Kashgar China
Traffic: Kashgar is the transportation hub of the southern part of Xinjiang. It was in fact the strategic point of the Silk Road in the ancient time, connecting China with Eurasia and still maintains its importance nowadays with comparatively good transport system.
Ways to get in Kashgar:
--Kashgar Airport is the second largest airport in Xinjiang province. There have flights going to Urumqi, Hotan, Kuqa and Aksu, etc. also there has international flights available to cities such as that of Kirghizia and Uzbekistan.
--Kashgar Railway Station, being the last station in southern Xinjiang, is only about 5 kilometers away from the city center. There are daily trains running between Kashgar and Urumqi.
Internal transport: Getting around by city bus is a good choice for travelers, there are many buses routes around city and they can take you to almost every corner of the city. It is convenient and economic.
If you want to travel flexible, taking a taxi s the best way to save your time and go anywhere you want to.


Kashgar Tour TipsKashagar Old Town
Time: Better avoid the period from May 1 to May 7 and October 1 to October 7 because there is long national vacation in China, it will be so crowd in Kashgar and also all around the nation, so pick a good time outside that.
Food: Food in Kashgar is similar with other food in Xinjiang province and it is belonging to Asian flavor, namely Muslim food. Main food here includes flour, corn, and rice.
Crisp Noodle is a famous Uyghur food which is brilliant yellow, tasty and of course, crisp. Xiangjiang Rice is one of the traditional foods in Xinjiang, with a variety of grains which can be cooked with mutton, chicken or vegetable. During holidays, weddings or funerals, guests will be served Xinjiang Rice. Xinjiang Noodle is a wheat product made by hand-pulling and the inclusion of vegetables. It is favorable in Xinjiang. Other special local foods are: Yogurt, Bean Jelly, Crusty Pancake, Roast mutton in mud oven and oily pyramid, etc.
--Local foods can be found in the restaurant below:
Jinaoer Restaurant
Mutton Soup with Dough Sheet Restaurant
Delicious Cold Noodle Restaurant
Yinti Zal Fast Food
Water:Tap water in the hotel could not be drink directly.
·What to buy?
With rich ethic features, handicrafts in Kashgar are very famous, including carpets, hats, clay pottery, intricate jewelry, Yingjisha knives, Aidelaisi silk, calico and ntional instruments, etc. they are local products that travelers could keep for memory and send as souvenirs.
Fruits in Kashgar are also famous; you can purchase some unique fruits just in Xinjiang province. Some popular ones are the fig, sea buckthorn, pistachio, Jia-shi melon, dried apricot, pear, apricot, grape, flat peach, mulberry, pomegranate and walnut.
·Where to buy?
For purchasing local products and souvenir you can go to Kashgar Grand Bazaar. You can buy something really nice and unique from here.
--Other shopping malls and department stores to recommend:
Zhengda Shopping Mall: South Jiefang Road Hongda Daily Use Department Store: South Jiefang Road Youxi Daily Use Department Store: No. 6 Basement 1 of Huimin Building, South Street Xinfeng Daily Use Department Store: beside Zhonglin Hotel of Kashgar
Kashagar Old TownFestivals: The most important festivals for Muslims are the Corban Festival in December and Eid al Fitr in October, on the Muslim lunar calendar. Every December 12th of the Muslim lunar calendar, people will clean the room and prepare cakes for the festivals. Muslims will gather at mosques and participating meetings and prayers. Grand performances will also be shown in the squares of cities and in the countryside.
Other important festivals for local people are the Nadam Fair in July and August, the Lantern Festival in August and New Year's Day in the Spring Equinox.
Customs: You should know some customs and taboos when you are traveling in Kashgar.
·Do not eat pork, dog meat and horse meat, and the blood of those animals.
·Do not drink wine and smoke.
·Do not take photos in the mosques. If you want to take some photos ask them for permission first.

Recreation in Kashgar
After go sightseeing in scenic spots in Kashgar, travelers can go shopping, visit the theatre and go to bars in Kashgar. You can find local performance in the theatre in Kashgar. Bars and café are also available for nightlife.
--Some good places to recommend:
People’ Cinema
People’s Square
Wuyi Theater
Chengjie Bar
CHIVAS New Face Bar
Kashgar Indy Café
Yiyang Café

Must-see Attractions of Kashgar TourXiangfei Tombs
Abakh Khoja Tomb: located in Haohan Village Abakh Khoja Tomb is the key cultural-relic protection unit in Kashgar. It is composed of a series of classic Islam ancient buildings and resembles a palatial palace. There is a gate tower, a small mosque, a big mosque, a classics hall and a major burial chamber in the tomb. Abakh Khoja Tomb is admired as a well-preserved Islamic architectural complex not only in Xinjiang, but throughout Central Asia. Xiang Fei's love story intrigues tourists from home and abroad.
Id Kah Mosque: The Mosque is located in the central part of Kashgar city. 'Id Kah' means 'a place of praying and celebrating in festivals'. As the biggest mosque in China, it is a group of old Islamic constructions with strong ethnic style and religious features. Thousands of worshippers come here to pray everyday. During religious festivals all the Muslims in Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region come to this sacred place to celebrate. You can visit Id Kah Mosque during festivals in Kashgar.
Sunday Bazaar: It is a shopping street in Kashgar, all the people around the region including Pakistanis, Tajiks and Xinjiang Uighurs come to shop and trade in Sunday Bazaar. There is an animal market and separate markets for goods where thousand kinds of items may be bought. Sunday is the big shopping day in the city. You can purchase lots of goods that came from Central Asian ethnic people and the price is the cheapest in the city.
Old City: Old city is a large group of Uygur residential houses. The Old city is now home to 630 homes with more than 2450 people, all of whom are Muslims. It is a town boasts over 2000 year history. It was a summer palace once during the Kalahan Dynasty. Full of ethnic style buildings, numerous small lanes crisscross the town and reach every corner of it. Each house has a courtyard and all the yards grow the Muslim-favored trees and flowers. It is a good place to get some customs about Kashgar local people.

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