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Kunming Tour

Kunming is known as the city of spring in China. The city boasts interesting diversified folk cultures and splendid natural scenery. Boasts more than two thousand years history it is the capital city of Yunnan province. Kunming is situated in southwest of China, it is the center of politics, economic, culture and transportation center of Yunnan province. Surrounded by mountains in three sides Kunming is in the central part of Yungui Plateau. The natural scenery in Kunming is amazing; with many unique scenic spots the city has attracted numerous tourists in the past. Representative tourist spots are Stone Forest, Dianchi Lake, Black Dragon Pool, Yuantong Temple and the World Horticultural Exposition Garden.
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Kunming Tour Type
Chinatravelkey offers 1 day Kunming tour, 3days Kunming tour, 3 days minority tour, Kunming Lijiang 6 days tour, Kunming Dali Lijiang tour, Kunming airport and train station transfer, Kunming to Dali transfer.

Place to Start Kunming Tour
Our tour guide can meet you in train station, airport, hotels and apartment in Kunming.

Kunming Tour Routes Provided by China Travelkey
Private tour:
KM-PO-01. Kunming One Day Stone Forest Tour
KM-PH-01. Kunming 3 days tour
KM-PH-02. Kunming 3 Days minority tour
KM-PH-03. Kunming Lijiang 6 days tour
KM-PH-04. Kunming Dali Lijiang tour

Join in tour:
YN-ST1. 6 Days Kunming-Jianshui-Yuanyang Tour
YN-ST2. 8 Days Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Shangri-La Tour
YN-ST6. Kunming One Day Join in Tour to Stone Forest
YN-ST7. Kunming One Day Join in Tour to Stone Forest and Jiuxiang Karst Caves
YN-ST8. Kunming One Day Join in Tour to Yunnan Ethnic Village and Western Hills
YN-ST9. Kunming Two Days Join in Tour to Dongchuan

Transfer Service:
KM-PT-01. Kunming airport transfer
KM-PT-02. Kunming railway station transfer
KM-PT-03. Kunming to Dali

Best Season of Kunming Tour
Kunming is the capital of Yunnan Province, it is located in the south-east part of China, enjoys warm and mild temperature all year round. The weather in Kunming will be a little cool (sometimes it is cold) in winter and spring, but the temperature is not so changeable, summer is not so muggy and winter is not cold, hence Kunming has been regarded as the “Spring City”, and the four seasons are all good time to visit this city. Suggestion is come to Kunming in March to November, not consider about the weather but the human element. Kunming is an ethnic minorities gathering place, many interesting celebration of their festivals are very characteristic and wonderful; during March and November, there are so much festivals you can experience, that will be an excellent part in your Kunming tour.

Accommodation of Kunming Tour
As a famous tourist city and the capital of Yunnan Province, Kunming has many excellent hotels for accommodation, the total number is more than 200 and they are ranging from 5-star to budget ones, which can cater to all the needs of different kinds of travelers. For those backpackers, the three Youth Hotels are good choice on trip. All the accommodation no matter the high rate hotel or the budget ones has clean and cozy circumstance and complete hotel facilities, the home-like and thoughtful service will make every traveler satisfy.

Kunming Tour Tips
Time: Better avoid rush tourist season in 1st May to 3rd May and 1st October to 7th October, they are two national holiday in China. In those periods, it will be very crowd on the street and the famous tourist spots.
Cloth tips in winter and spring: temperature has large difference from day and night in those two seasons, it may be warm in daytime but little chilly at night, please take a coat or sweater to keep warm.
Something needs to be aware in Yunnan Ethnic Villages: There are many customs of the minorities in Kunming; Dai, Yi and Naxi have their own taboos. Don't touch children, young monks and the girlies' heads and headwear; off with Your Shoes before get into the temples' halls and the bamboo houses of the Dai people; Yi people not allow people to comment on their kids as "beautiful", "fat" or "heavy"; they not allow people to sit on the doorsill either; Naxi people ban throwing litters into rivers and ponds, and people are not allowed sitting on their doorsill either.
Shopping advice: Travelers can find good staffs in the most flourishing street—Beijing Street. It is the longest street in Kunming, there has lots of shopping, roadside stores, skyscrapers and other things you want in Kunming. Local ethnic souvenirs like craft works, jade and jewelry are all good things for purchasing, tea, tobacco, flowers and Yunnan ham are the four representative goods in Kunming; Puer Tea is what you need to try in Yunnan Province.
The open time of those shops and malls is usually 9:00 to 21:30, and some of them are open for 24 hours.
Eating in Kunming: Since there are large amount of minority living in Kunming, the cuisines there are little sour and spicy. The restaurant here serves various kinds of specialties and snacks, like cross-bridge rice noodles, four happiness rice balls, steamed potted chicken, yiliang roast duck, buckwheat bun, taishi pie, dudu dumpling…western restaurants and café around the Green Lake is also good places for international dishes.
Kunming Festivals: Minorities are enthusiastic about celebrations; also there are lots of festivals in Kunming. During April to May, there is China Kunming International Cultural Tourism Festival every year, other various activities like the opening ceremony, the get together in Yunnan Ethnic Village, Stone Forest “Torch Carnival”, Xishuangbanna Water-Sprinkling Festival, Wenshan Zhuang Antiphonal Singing Fair, Menba Naxi Customs Festival of Dehong Prefecture, etc. are also present in Kunming. You can enjoy any of them in the right time, and never miss those traditional festivals in your Kunming tour.

Must-see Attractions of Kunming Tour
Kunming is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in China; there are many fantastic scenic spots that attracted numerous travelers both in domestic and abroad. Many of those scenic spots have long-term history and would be a highlight in your trip.
Stone Forest: Located in the southeast of Kunming, this tourist spot is one of the world’s famous natural creations; it is a part of Kunming Shilin County. The Stone Forest is made up of large numbers of awesome natural rock formations, and it could be described as jagged rocks of grotesque shapes. Those ancient natural phenomenons have begun taking shape about 270 million years ago in the Carboniferous Period. It has been regarded as “The First Wonder of the World”.
Dianchi Lake: Dianchi Lake is also called “Kunming Lake”; it is the sixth largest freshwater lake in China and has been praised as the “Pearl of the Plateau”. There has the most beautiful dawn and sunset, the lake is surrounded by the hills and with reflections mirrored in the water, and the surface of the water waves with tiny glittering under the sun. You will definitely love the adventure above this lake.
Yuantong Temple: Located on the foot of Yuantong Hill hence gets the name of “Yuantong”, this temple boasts a long history of more than 1200 years. It is the most important Buddhist temple in Yunnan Province. Buddhists from all over the world come to this temple on pilgrimages to pay homage, there are special Buddhist services two times a month, and if you are lucky you can see them on the way.
Jiuxiang Scenic Area: Also a member of the most beautiful scenic spots in Kunming, it belongs to the natural landscape in Yunnan. It is regarded as the “Home of Karst Caves”; there are 100 caves in the area, as the local saying goes: if one spent his entire life counting the caves in Jiuxiang he may not finish the job. It is also called as “Mysterious Heritage of the Earth” by some experts who have been there. You can come here for travel, scientific studies and in-cave adventure activities.
Yunnan Ethnic Village: Situated to the south of Dianchi Lake, Yunnan Ethnic Village is an ethnic theme park shows the architecture and the normal life of the minority of Yunnan. There have 26 different minorities in this village, travelers can experience colorful minority songs and dances performance and enjoy the characteristic sceneries such as the famous White Pagoda in it.

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