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Sanya is the second largest city in Hainan province (Hainan being the biggestspecial economic zone in the country), and is in the middle of Sanyathe south part of Hainan island. It's a transport and communication center, and one of the most important foreign trade ports in the extreme south of the golden coastline, which opens up to the outside world in the southeast of China. In addition, it is often considered China's "southern gate", and justifies its reputation as a vibrant subtropical oceanfront tourist city. Sanya city, backed by its famous mountains and facing the sea, is a garden city full of coconut palms and other verdant splendors. September to February is the peak season because many tourists from Northern China like to escape the cold and go to Sanya to soak up some sun for their winter holidays.
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Chinatravelkey offers private Sanya 3 days tour, 4 days tour, Sanya 1 day tour, half day private tour as well as Sanya airport transfer service.

Sanya Tour Routes Arranged by Chinatravelkey
Sanya Package Tour
Sanya 3 Days Tour
Sanya Haikou 5 Days Tour

Sanya One Day Sightseeing Tour
route a: Nanshan Tample + Pearl Farm + Luhuitou Park
route b: Yalong Bay Central Square + Butterfly Valley + Tea Show
route c: Tianya Haijiao + Pearl Farm + Luhuitou Park
route d: Nanshan Temple + Tianya Haijiao + Tea Show
route e: Luhuitou Park + Dadonghai Square + Pear Farm
route f: Luhuitou Park + Dadonghai Square + Yalong Bay + Butterfly Valley + Pearl Farm
route g: Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park + Yalong Bay Central Square + Butterfly Valley + Pearl Farm

Sanya One Day Surrounding Tour
route a: Nanwan Monkey Island + Nantian Hot Spring
route b: Binglanggu + Nantian Hot Spring + Pearl Farm
route c: Boundary Island + Nantian Hot Spring
route d: Hainan Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone + Binglanggu + Pearl Farm
route e: Wuzhizhou Island + Pearl Farm
route f: Wuzhizhou Island + Binglanggu +primitive Li Minority village + ecological Miao Minority village + tropical jungle+ Pearl FarmSanya tour testimonial, click here to see more.

Sanya One Day Special Tour
route a: One Day Sea Sport Tour in Western Island
route b: One Day Golf Leisure Tour
route c: One Day Fishing Tour

Sanya One Day Tour
Sanya 1 Day Tour
Yanya Yalong Bay Half Day Tour

Sanya Transfer Service
Sanya Airport Transfer
Sanya Haikou Transfer
Sanya Cruise Terminal Pick up Service

Place to Start Sanya Tour
Our tour guide can pick up travelers from airport, railway station, hotels and apartment in Sanya.

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Best Season of Sanya Tour
Sanya is located in the south part of China and enjoys a tropical coastal monsoon climate. It has warm weather all year round, hence will be comfortable for tourist all year round. Every year there are about 300 days of sunshine. Winter is very pleasant with no frost or snow. Flowers are in full bloom throughout the year.
Time Zone: East 8 time zone

Clothes and other Staffs to Pack
In spring and autumn, take a long-sleeve and a shirt to keep warm, a coat will be good for autumn night. Shorts and skirts, hats, sunglasses and sun block would be good for summer wear. Since the sunshine is so strong in summer, bring more sun-prevention staffs with you in case of the sunburn. Winter is not so cold in Sanya, a light coat and a sweater is enough for this season.

Accommodation of Sanya Tour
Accommodations mainly located in three districts of the city, they are downtown area, the East China Sea and Yalong Bay. Totally about two hundred hotels with various star rating including five stars to three stars accommodation are all available. Yalong Bay district has the best sea view among all the hotels; also the price in this area is more expensive relatively. Most of Sanya Chinathe top end hotels are resort hotels with good location catering to vacationers. There are also some budget accommodations with nice locations and views. All the hotels include some budget hotels are completely facilitated and with elegant designation, guests will always feel at home and relax. It is recommended that visitors make reservation in advance in the tourist season.
Sanya Traffic: Ways to get in Sanya:
--Sanya Phoenix International Airport is about ten kilometers away from downtown city, there have flights to many domestic cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xian, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guiyang, Guilin, Harbin, Hong Kong, Macao, Urumchi, etc. also there are three international flights.
--Western Railway is the railway station in Hainan province. The railway is 370 kilometers long, winding along the western coastline of Hainan Province via several cities and scenic areas. There are trains to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou running from Sanya Railway Station, passing through Haikou City.
-- Ships from Hong Kong to Sanya Phoenix Cruise Island Port are available; Cruise terminal is near the downtown and can be reached by taxi or bus.
Internal transport:
Buses are very convenient in Sanya city. There are buses to almost every county and tourist attraction. Traveling by taxi is also a good way to get around the city, and it will not be so expensive in Sanya. Renting a car or a bicycle to driving along the seashore must be pretty wonderful for your journey.

Sanya Tour TipsSanya
Time: Better avoid rush tourist season in 1st May to 3rd May and 1st October to 7th October, they are two national holiday in China. In those periods, it will be very crowd on the street and the famous tourist spots.
Food: Fresh seafood is something special in this seaside city. When you come to Sanya it should never be missed. Sany Chunyuan Seafood Square is the local biggest seafood place. The Hainan local snacks are also available here.
Except seafood, special local dishes are: Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Hele Crab and Dongshan Goat, etc. tropical fruits are cheap like pineapples, coconuts, and mango and so on. It will be so nice to have some fresh fruit after dinner, and here you can find some special ones only grow in tropical region.
Hai Ya Hotel is considered to be the most popular local place. Wenchang Chicken, Dongshan Mutton, Hele Crab and Jiaji Duck are the four famous local Hainan specialties that are served here. Other famous dining places we recommend are:
Hainan Nan Imperial Court Food (Yalong Bay Villas & Spa)
China Harvest (Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa)
Hai Ya Restaurant (No.001 Xinfeng Road)
Zheng Zong Bao Luo Fen (Beside the First Market, Hexi Road)
Water: Tap water in the hotel could not be drink directly.
·What to buy?
Referring to special goods, Hainan is famous for its sea product due to its geographical reason. Coconut juice and coconut products, fresh and dried fruits, coffee, pepper and lots of other species are all special in Hainan. Pearls, jewelry, pearl products, crystal and crystal ware, butterfly specimens, coral, carved coconut handicrafts, candies are all included. With its bright sunshine, Sanya can bring you an adventure in shopping.
·Where to buy?
The shopping centers of Sanya are usually found near scenic spots, the main shopping districts are business pedestrian streets such as Jiefang Road and Hongqi Street.
Jiefang Road is a newly-opened street offers various local products, dining, entertainment, tours, housing, and temporary accommodations, and Mingzhu Plaza is the most comprehensive shopping center in Sanya, with nine floors and a 1,500-square-meter hall. It deals in diverse local products, dining, entertainment, jewelry and cosmetics. If you want to buy some souvenirs and more other special goods in Hainan, here are some places to recommend:
SanyaHonggang Market
Hongqi Shopping Street
The first Market
Festivals and customs: There are doubtless many minority festivals held in the area due to its largely ethnic population.
In December, the Tianya-Haijiao International Wedding Festival is annually held for wedding or honeymoon guests from home and abroad. As a huge, collective wedding celebration, it is the most interesting festival in Sanya.
Double Seventh Festival is another famous festival in Sanya and China. It is a traditional Chinese festival held on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. Qixi Festival is favored by young women who demonstrate their domestic arts, pray for happiness and make wishes for a good husband.

Recreation in Sanya
There are many choices for you to have fun in Sanya. If you want some alternatives of water activities, Sanya downtown can readily suit your interest with some bars, music cafés and characteristic performances. Apart from the sea, beach and sunshine, the nightlife in Sanya is also a highlight. For daytime, you can play so much water sports as you like. Diving is one of the most popular games among them, fishing and other wonderful seaside show will make you feel good on you Sanya tour.
As for nightlife, there are nightclubs where you could feel the vigor of this newly emerged tourist city. If you want a quiet place to enjoy the night beauty of Sanya, the Coffee Time Western Food Restaurant is recommended.
--Some good clubs and cafes to recommend:
Allen Club
Colombia Café
Zuoan Coffee & Bar
Be There or Be Square
Times Coast Bar Street

Must-see Attractions of Sanya Tour
Yalong Bay: It is one of the famous scenic spots in Hainan province. Yalong Bay has amazing scenery with endless rolling hills, serene gulfs, clear blue sea and silvery sand beaches--three times as long as any in Hawaii. Also it is home of several well-preserved coral reefs with tropical fish of varied kinds. Yalong Bay boasts the five essential elements of modern tourism: sea, sands, sunshine, lush green plants and fresh air. Yalong Bay has been listed as one of the AAAA class tourist attractions in Sanya, and is warm and sunny all year around.
SanyaDadonghai Area: Dadonghai area boasts over 2 kilometers of white sand and cleans water. There has clear seawater, flat sand, gentle winds, gentle waves, and the year-round springtime climate. The famous beach is ideal for diving, beach sports, bathing and sunbathing. There also have the biggest shopping centers in Sanya. Dadonghai area is the perfect natural swimming pool for all the tourists.
Nanshan Temple: About 40 kilometers southwest of Sanya city, Nanshan Temple is the biggest Buddhist preaching site in China and also ranks as one of the attractions in the Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone. You can get some Buddhist culture and view some Buddhist ceremony in this temple.
Wuzhizhou Island: This Island has an irregular butterfly-like shape and a total coastline of 5.7 km. It is known as a romantic island for lovers. As the island is in a tropical marine zone, the climate is temperate and pleasant all year round. It is an ideal place for vacation, winter swimming as well as entertainment. Also there has a Mazu Temple with a long history, and is home to the oldest plant in the world, dracaena.
The Ends of the Earth: Situated to the west of Sanya city, The Ends of the Earth is a romantic and beautiful scenic spot of Sanya. It is famous for its name which means “The End of the Sky and The Corner of the Sea”, the sentence is associated with endless love and romance. Almost every Chinese tourist in Sanya goes there to witness the beautiful scenery. Almost every Chinese tourist in Sanya goes there to witness the beautiful scenery.
Monkey Island: The Island is located in the south part of Lingshui County, it is the only tropical island-type nature reserve for macaques. On this island, visitors can enjoy funny monkey performances, and can get very close to the monkeys, and even have photos taken with them. Monkey Island boasts many special sites such as the longest transoceanic ropeway in China, the charming coconut palms, the enchanting sand beach, the natural bathing place, multicolored coral reefs, and the unique fishing rafts. There are more than two thousand monkeys on the Island.

Mainly Located in Three Districts
The downtown area, the East China Sea (Dadonghai) and Yalong Bay. The hotels in Yalong Bay have best scenery. For sure, the price in this area is expensive than other place.

Note of Sanya Tour
Please avoid Sanya tour on Chinese holidya: Spring Festival, May 1 to May 7, October 1 to October 7 of each year.

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