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Tianjin Tour

ancient-culture-streetLocated in the northeast of the Huabei Plain Tianjin is one of the four municipal cities under the direct jurisdiction of the central government and is the largest industrial and port city in north China. Facing the Bohai Sea, Tianjin is know as the Diamond of the Bohai Gulf and also it is one of the major business and trading centers of Northern China. Tianjin is an important historical city. There are many famous historical and cultural heritages about Chinese culture. Travelers in Tianjin can go sightseeing to those notable tourist spots including the Huangyaguan Great Wall, Ming Garden, Tianhou Palace, Dagukou Fort, Double Temple of Ji County and the Scenic area of Panshan Mountain.

Tianjin Tour Routes Arranged by Chinatravelkey

Tianjin Package Tour from Hotel
TJ-PH-01. Quick View of Tianjin
TJ-PH-02. Tianjin Classic Tour
TJ-PH-03. Tianjin Complete Tour

Tianjin Package Tour from Xingang Port
XTJ-PH-01. Tianjin Classic Tour
XTJ-PH-02. Tianjin 2 Days Tour including Huangyaguan Great Wall

Beijing Tour from Xingang Port
BD-11 . One Day Beijing Tour From Xingang Port
BX-1 . Xingang Beijing Two Days Tour
BJ-PT-03 . Tianjin-Beijing Cruise Terminal Pick up Service

Tianjing One Day Tour from Xingang Port
XTJ-1.One Day Tianjin Tour From Xingang Port
- Shi Family Grand Courtyard, Ancient Culture Street, Wudadao Avenue
XTJ-2.One Day Tianjin Tour From Xingang Port
- Italian Style Street, Binjiangdao Walking street, Financial street, Haihe River sightseeing
XTJ-3.One Day Tianjin Tour From Xingang Port
- Huangya Great Wall, Dule Temple
XTJ-4.One Day Tianjin Tour From Xingang Port
- Wudadao Avenue, Ancient Culture Street, Financial street, Haihe River sightseeing
XTJ-6.One Day Tianjin Tour From Xingang Port
- East Qing Tombs

Xingang Beijing Tour - Small Group
Benze Van and DriverChinatravelkey Team provides travel service start from Xingang Port on March, April, October and November of each year. Except private tour, some travelers prefer to join in an existed private tour to make it a small group to cut down cost and make new friends.
There will be 4 to 8 travelers in each 15 seats Benze Van.
If you are interested in this tour, please send email with Subject of "Xingang Small Group Private tour" to

Please let us know your schedule and info as below:
/- your arrival and time to Xingang:
/- your departure date and time from Xingang:
/- how many travelers:

Tianjing One Day Tour from hotels in Tianjin
TJ-4. Tianjin One Day Tour of Ancient Culture Street, Thean Hou Temple, Jingyuan, Shi Family Grand Courtyard
TJ-5. Tianjin One Day Tour of Ancient Culture Street, Food Street, Italian Style Street, Wu Dadao
TJ-6. Tianjin One Day Tour of Huangyaguan Great Wall, Dule Temple
TJ-7. Tianjin One Day Tour of China House, Tianjin Folk-custom Museum, Century Clock Square, Tianjin Eye, Binjiang Avenue
TJ-8. Tianjin One Day Tour of Niren Zhang Museum, Tianjin Folk Art Museum, Tianjin Old City Museum, Tianjin Fine Arts Museum
TJ-D18. Tianjin One Day Tour of East Qing Tombs and Jiulongshan National Forest Park
TJ-D19. Tianjin One Day Tour of Limutai Scenic Spot
TJ-D20. Tianjin One Day Tour of Baishegu Scenic Area and Jizhou Karst Cave
TJ-D21. Tianjin One Day Tour of Mt.Panshan

Tianjing One Day Tour from hotels or from Xingang Port
TJ-D1. Tianjin City One Day Tour to Wudadao Avenue and Ancient Culture Street
TJ-D2. Tianjin City One Day Tour to Century Clock and Jing Garden
TJ-D3. Tianjin City One Day Tour to Old City Museum and Tianjin Museum
TJ-D4. Tianjin City One Day Tour to Tianjin Water Park and Dabei Temple
TJ-D5. Tianjin One Day Tour to Baishi Stone Museum and Confucius Temple
TJ-D6. Tianjin One Day Tour to Qing Palace and Tianjin Zoo
TJ-D7. Tianjin One Day Tour to Wanghailou Church and Boxer Uprising Memorial Hall
TJ-D8. Tianjin One Day Tour to Former Residence of Zhangxueliang and Xikai Church
TJ-D9. Tianjin One Day Tour to TV Tower and Lake and Natural Museum
TJ-D10. Tianjin One Day Tour to Taiandao Area and China House
TJ-D11. Tianjin One Day Tour to Lione Forest Bridge and Lishutong Memorial Hall
TJ-D12. Tianjin One Day Tour to Xiaobailou Scenic Area and Anligan Church
TJ-D13. Tianjin One Day Tour to Tanggu Forest Park and Hai Chang Polar Ocean World
TJ-D14. Tianjin One Day Tour to Dagu Fort and Haihe Bund Park
TJ-D15. Tianjin One Day Tour to Memorial Hall of Huoyuanjia and Dongli Lake
TJ-D16. Tianjin One Day Tour to Courtyard of Family Shi and Beining Park

Tianjing Transfer Service
TJ-PT-01.Tianjin Xingang Port Transfer Service
TJ-PT-02. Tianjin Airport Tansfer
TJ-PT-03. Tianjin Train Station Tansfer
TT-1. Transfer from Tianin to Tianin Binhai Airport
TT-2. Transfer service from Tianjin to Gangguo Airport
TT-3. Transfer service from Tianjin to Beijing Capital Airport
TT-4. Transfer from Tianjin to Beijing
TT-5. Transfer service from Tianjin to Badaling Great Wall


Best Season of Tianjin Tour
Weather in Tianjin is influenced a lot by Bohai Sea hence it enjoys a semi-moist continental monsoon climate. With humid summer and dry, cold winter, spring in Tianjin is windy and autumn is cool. The best time to visit Tianjin is spring and autumn. There will be some sandstorms during July and August. September to November will be good month to start your Tianjin Tour.
Time Zone: East 8 time zone

Clothes and other Staffs to Pack
Take long-sleeves and light sweater for spring, it will be warm in day time. Since summer is rainy sometimes, bring an umbrella or a raincoat will be a wise choice. Autumn is not so cold during daytime but if you have planned to go out at night, better take a coat or sweater with you. Winter is cold in Tianjin, keep warm and take down jacket or thick sweater for this season.

Tianjin Tour Photo

ancient-culture-street nanshi-food-street tianjin-ancient-town tianjin-mausoleum-of-zhou-enlai tianjin-old-city-museum xingang-port

Accommodation of Tianjin Tour
There are more than one hundred hotels in Tianjin can provide service to the foreign travelers. More than ten of them are five stars accommodations. As for budget hotels, there are some youth hostel can cater to the needs of backpackers. All the hotels include some budget hotels are completely facilitated and with elegant designation, even you are stay in a small hotel the services will also be great. It is recommended that visitors make reservation in advance in the tourist season.

Traffic: Ways to Get in Tianjin:
--Tianjin Binhai International Airport is located in Dongli District of Tianjin city. It is about thirteen kilometers away from downtown area of Tianjin. As the second largest airport in Northern China Tianjin Binhai International Airport has flight depart to about fourty domestic and international countries including Shanghai, Xian, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Seoul, etc.
--Tianjin Railway Station is the largest railway station in the city. Travelers can take trains to Tianjin from more than forty cities in China including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xian. There are intercity high-speed trains goes between Tianjin Railway Station to Beijing South Railway Station everyday. They are fast and comfortable.
--If you want to travel by ship, Tianjin Port is the biggest man-made port in China and there has sea routes to Dalian and Longkou. International routes are to Inchon in Korea and Honshu in Japan.

Internal Transport: Referring to getting around the city, travelers have many choices in this issue. City bus, light rail, subway and taxi are all good choices to pick. There are special sightseeing buses and regular buses in Tianjin and the price is usually 1 RMB; Light rail can take travelers from Zhongshan Men to the Development Zone of the city; Subway in Tianjin runs from 5:30 to 22:30 everyday. It starts from the junction of Nanjing Lu and Xinhua Lu and passes through six districts, Beichen, Hongqiao, Nankai, Heping, Hexi and Jinnan; also you can find taxis easily in Tianjin. They are always runs around the airport, railway station, hotels and tourist spots in the city.

xingang-portTianjin Tour Tips
Time: Better avoid the period from May 1 to May 7 and October 1 to October 7 because there is long national vacation in China, it will be so crowd in Tianjin and also all around the nation, so pick a good time outside that.

Food: Tianjin cuisines are famous in China. Boasts rich food culture many travelers in Tianjin are expecting to taste the delicacies in the city. Main food material in Tianjin is river products and sea food and there are other cuisines in service for certain. Fish, shrimp and crabs are rich in Tianjin and the flavor is generally characterized by a bit salty and tasty. Great variety snacks are famous in Tianjin. There are three unique notable delicacies in Tianjin. They are Goubuli Bao Zi, Shibajie ma hua and Er duo Yan Zha Gao. Besides, pancakes, tea soup, spiced beef jerky and fired chestnut with sugar are also special for the travelers.
You can buy and taste Tianjin snacks in Nansi Food Street. Setting variety of flavors the street boasts nearly one hundred restaurants and you can find authentic Tianjin cuisines and snacks as well as major national cuisines as you wish. Heping District Food Street and October Food Street are also popular in Tianjin.
--Some good restaurant to recommend:
Goubuli Baozi General Restaurant (No.77, Shandong Lu, Heping District)
Erduoyan Zhagao (No.37, Beimenwai Dajie, Hongqiao District)
Shiba Jie Mahua Hotel Street Branch (No.18, Jiashang, Beilou, Hotel Street)
Tianfu Laoma Restaurant (No.85, Liuwei Lu, Hedong District)
Lao Sichuan (Nanlou, Hexi District)
Yang Shangshu (No.406, Nanmen Wai Dajie, Nankai District)
Barcelona Western Food Restaurant (No.10, Binyou Dao, Hexi District)

Water: Tap water in the hotel could not be drink directly.

·What to buy?
Tianjin is a prosperous city with various commercial streets and numerous trade locations. There are special products could be purchase in the city such as Yangliuqing painting, Weiji Kites, Niren Zhang Clay Figures, Chinese paper cutting and others.
·Where to buy?
Binjiang Road, Tianjin Ancient Culture Street and Heping Road are the most prosperous commercial streets in the city. You can find many large shopping malls and department stores in those streets. Other shopping street including Drum Tower Street, Guyi Street, Shenyang Road Ancient Market and Xiaobailou Commercial Zone are all good places to go. Here are some shopping places to recommend:
Binjiang Shopping Center (No.29 Kaifeng Road, Heping District)
Tianjin Department Store (No.172 Heping Road, Heping District)
Tianjin Friendship Department Store (No.233, Jiefang Road, Heping District)
Tianjin Quanyechang Department Store (No.290, Heping Road, Heping District)

Festivals and Customs: Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon is held on the third Saturday of May every year in Tianjin. The Marathon was confirmed by the International Marathon Association, has a standard length of 42.195 kilometers. The entire route of the Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon has been confirmed as a standard international mountain marathon by the International Track and Field Association. Huangyaguan Great Wall is one of the best places to hold a marathon since it integrates culture, sports, and travel.

Recreation in Tianjin
Tianjin is a prosperous city with booming economy and tourism industry. Except go sightseeing travelers can enjoy all kinds of recreations in the city. Local performances, movies, clubs and KTV could all be found in the city. Some local shows such as cross-talk, jingyun Dagu and Tianjin Kuaiban are the most famous distinctive performance in Tianjin. Here are some good places to recommend for those shows:
Deyun She, Mingliu Teahouse, Tianjin Acrobatic Troupe, Tianjin Hebei Bngzi, Tianjin Orchestra, Tianjin Peking Opera Theatre, Tianjin People’s Art Theatre and Tianjin Song and Dance Theatre.
--Some nice clubs in Tianjin:
City Palace (No.219 Nanjing Road, Heping District)
May Flower (No.93 Qixiangtai Road, Nankai District)
Xitang Club (No.126 Chegndu Road, Heping District)
Mingliu Tea House (Ancient Culture Street, Nankai District)

nanshi-food-streetMust-see Attractions of Tianjin Tour
Huangyaguan Great Wall: It is located in the northern part of Ji County in Tianjin City. It reaches Malanguan Pass in Hebei province to the east and meets Jiangjunguan Pass in Beijing to the west. This Great Wall owns four towers with city gates, facing east, west, south and north respectively. Such a structure forms the whole defensive system. It was built originally in AD 557 and was rebuilt in Ming Dynasty. In 1984, the Great Wall was rebuilt by the government, and later many cultural attractions were added to the area, including Great Wall Museum and Bagua Town.

Ancient Culture Street: It is located at the west bank of Hai River in the city. The street was built in 1986 and open to the public during the same time. It shows the appearance of Tianjing people in Qing Dynasty. There are over hundreds of stores in the street, specializing in Yang Liuqing New Year Painting, the treasures of the study, famous calligraphy and painting, craftworks, etc. Also there are so many different buildings that the eye cannot take them in all at once. Walking by these buildings with grey walls and decorated with colorful streamers is like walking into the past. The most note-worthy things are the boards inscribed with the names of shops and with couplets at the shop fronts, which are written by famous calligraphers.

Dabei Buddhist Monastery: Dabei Buddhist Monastery is located on the Tianwei Road in Hebei District of Tianjin City. It is so named due to the Daci Dabei Kwan-yin it houses. The monastery is now the largest, oldest and best-preserved one in Tianjin. The monastery is composed of two parts: the West Monastery and the East Monastery. It covers an area of 10600 square meters in total.

Dagu Fort: It is located in the southern bank of Hai River in Tanggu area. Sixty kilometers away from Tianjin city Dagu Fort was built in 1816 to protect the Qing's capital - Beijing. Tianjin is the gateway to Beijing, and the Dagu Fort is the entrance to Tianjin from the sea. It is the only forts remains during the ruin of Xinhou Treaty signed between the Qing government and the eleven countries in 1901. There are many relics of artilleries and shells around the forts nowadays.

Tianjin Tourism Map


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