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Shanghai One Day Tour

Shanghai one day tour routes covers:Shanghai tour testimonial
#1. Private Shanghai one day tour.
#2. Shanghai extension one day tour (start from Shanghai to visit another town and return to Shanghai on the same day)
#3. Shanghai Join in group tour (bus tour, share one bus with other English speaking travelers).
#4. Shanghai transfer service.

Testimonial of Shanghai tour from past travelers

Shanghai One Day Private Tour
Shanghai one day tour: the bundDeparture: daily
Tour type: private
SHD-1 Shanghai one day city tour
SHD-2 Shanghai half-day city tour
SHD-3 Shanghai half-day city tour of Shanghai museum and the Bund
SHD-4 Shanghai one day tour including Huangpu River cruise
SHD-5 Shanghai one day tour from cruise ship pier
SHD-6 Shanghai one day lifestyle disvover tour
SHD-7 Shanghai one day modern tour
SHD-13 Old Shanghai one day tour
SHD-14 Shanghai culture tour
Shanghai art one day tour
SHD-16 New Shanghai one day tour
SHD-17Shanghai evening tour

One Day Extension Tour
from Shanghai
Departure: daily
Shanghai one day tour: Yu GardenTour type: private
SHD-8 Private one day tour to Zhujiajiao
SHD-9 Private one day tour to Zhouzhuang
SHD-10 Private one day tour to Suzhou
SHD-11 Private one day tour to Hangzhou
SHD-12 Hangzhou 2 days private tour
SHD-18 Shanghai Luzhi one day tour
SHD-19 Shanghai Nanjing day tour
SHD-20 Shanghai Qibao Ancient town half day tour
SHD-21 Shanghai shopping one day tour
SHD-22 Shanghai Tongli one day tour
SHD-23 Shanghai Wuxi tour
SHD-24 Shanghai Wuzhen one day tour
SHD-25 Shanghai Xitang one day tour

Shanghai Tour stat from Cruise Port
SHD-5. Shanghai one day tour from cruise ship pier
SHT-3. Shanghai Cruise Port ransfer
SHD-26. One Day Shanghai Tour - Yu Garden,Jade Buddha Temple,Shanghai Museum,Nanjing Road and the Bund
SHD-27. Two Days Shanghai and Zhouzhuang Tour Package
SHD-28. One Day Shanghai Tour - Pudong Lujiazui, Orient TV Tower´╝îPeople's Square, Shanghai City Planning Exhibition Center
SHD-29. Two Days Shanghai and Suzhou Tour Package
SHD-30. Two Days Shanghai and Hangzhou Tour Package

Shanghai Join in Group Tour
Tour type: join in bus tour
SH-ST-01 Join in Shanghai city one day tour
Shanghai one day tour: Huangpu River SH-ST-02 Join in Shanghai city half-day tour
SH-ST-03 Join in Suzhou one day tour
SH-ST-04 Join in Suzhou and Zhouzhuang one day tour
SH-ST-05 Join in half-day Zhouzhuang tour
SH-ST-06 Join in one day Hangzhou tour

Shanghai Transfer Service
Departure: daily
Tour type: private
SHT-1. Shanghai Airport transfer
SHT-2. Shanghai Railway Station transfer
SHT-3. Shanghai Cruise Port fransfer

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