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Shanghai  Tour

Shanghai tour refers to the Shanghai sightseeing trip with private vehicle or shared tour coach within half day to 10 days time. Shanghai local tour and short tour start from Shanghai are both available.

Brief Introduction of Shanghai Tour

Shanghai Tour MapShanghai Tourist Map
Shanghai tour refers to Shanghai visiting products based on different tour style, aim or location.   Classic Shanghai tour covers Shanghai private our, Shanghai one day tour, Shanghai half day tour, Shanghai evening tour and Shanghai transfer service.

Shanghai tour is called '上海旅游' in Chinese. Being the biggest city of China, Shanghai tour is a must thing to be done when travelers plan a trip to China.
Most travelers do not miss the following attractions in their Shanghai Trip: Yu Garden, Yu Market, Nanjing Road, The Bund and Shanghai Museum in their trip of Shanghai.

Except the Shanghai local tour, it is possible to visit water town, ancient village or south China city closed to Shanghai. The popular area covers Suzhou, Zhouzhuang, Wuxi, Shanghai, Tongli, Wuzhen, etc. Shanghai tour itinerary covers both old and modern aspect of Shanghai. From old street to Pudong airport, from Yu Garden to Nanjing street, Shanghai tour arranged by Chinatravelkey will lead you to see two aspect of the biggest city in China.

Tour Type Available in Shanghai

Please click the following tour type you prefer, then you will be lead to the corresponding tour routes.
Shanghai Private Tour
Shanghai Join In Bus Tour (seat in coach )
Short Tour Start from Shanghai
China Tour Include Shanghai

Shanghai Private Tour

Shanghai private tour offers private vehicle, driver and private tour guide to help travelers to discover Shanghai in the most comfortable and professional way.

Shanghai Private Package Tour Include Hotel

This Shanghai tour product is the best choice for first trip to Shanghai. Travelers will be met from Shanghai Pudong Airport, Hongqiao Airport or Shanghai Train station. After the sightseeing in Shanghai, travelers will be transferred back to airport or train station.
SHH-1: Shanghai 3 Days Classical Private Package Tour
Feature: Shanghai classic tour,  covers most top attractions of Shanghai, the best choice for first trip to Shanghai.
SP-1: Glance of Shanghai : quick visit of Shanghai top attractions within 2 days. Include transfer.
SP-2. Classic Shanghai : 4 days Shanghai classic private package tour include double way airport transfer.
SP-3. Panorama Shanghai : 5 days Shanghai private tour incldue old+new Shanghai,  Suzhou and Zhouzhuang.
SP-4. Deep Shanghai : follow local expert to discvoer Shanghai Suzhou & Zhouzhuang beyond normal attraction.
SP-5. Expert Shanghai : visit some worth places even local people don't know. 

SHH-2. 3 days Shanghai tour include one hour cruise on Huangpu River ( classic tour include cruising)
SHH-3. Shanghai 4 days private tour include Zhujiajiao Watertown ( popular Shanghai tour include Watertown)
SHH-4. Shanghai 4 days private tour include local family and Children's Palace
SHH-5. Shanghai Suzhou 4 days private tour ( popular Shanghai tour include visiting of Suzhou )
SHH-6. Shanghai Zhouzhuang 4 days private tour ( popular Shanghai tour include visiting of Watertown Zhouzhuang)
SHH-7. Shanghai Suzhou Zhouzhuang Hangzhou 6 days private tour ( Visit Shanghai and the most popular city near Shanghai )

SHCH-1. 6 days Shanghai Nanjing Wuxi Suzhou Zhouzhuang Hangzhou Private Tour
SHCH-2. 7 days Shanghai Hangzhou Wuxi Suzhou Shanghai private tour

Shanghai Huangpu River PhotoThe Bund of Shanghai

Shanghai Multi-days Private Tour Exclude Hotel

The following private package tour of Shanghai combines two or more one day tours to offter a better price to discover Shanghai. Hotel is not included.
SHK-1. Shanghai 2 days private tour ( classic )
SHK-2. Shanghai and Zhouzhuang 2 days private tour ( popular )
SHK-3. Shanghai and Suzhou 2 days private tour ( popular )
SHK-4. Shanghai and Hangzhou 2 days private tour ( popular )
SHK-5. Shanghai Suzhou and Zhouzhuang 3 days private tour
SHK-6. Shanghai Suzhou Zhouzhuang and Hangzhou 4 days tour ( visit Shanghai and all popular places near Shanghai)
SHK-7. 2 days China Watertown Tour  ( visit Zhujiajiao and Zhouzhuang Watertown from Shanghai )

Shanghai  Private Tour Start from Cruise Port

The following Shanghai tour start from cruise ship dock at Shanghai Cruise Port.  Chinatravelkey team often pick up travelers from the following cruise port:  Waigaoqiao Cruise Port,  Huishan Cruise Port and Baoshan Cruise Port. After sightseeing in Shanghai, travelers  travelers will be transferred back to cruise port or hotel.
Shanghai package tour start from cruise port:
SHK-8. 2 days Shanghai & Zhouzhuang private tour from Cruise Port ( overnight on ship )
SHK-9. 2 days Shanghai & Suzhou private tour from Cruise Ship ( overnight on ship )
SHK-10. 2 Days Shanghai & Hangzhou private tour from Cruise Port ( overnight on ship )

Shanghai 1 day tour start from cruise port:
SHD-5. Shanghai one day tour from cruise pier
SHD-26. 1 day Shanghai city tour start from cruise port
SHT-3. Shanghai Cruise Port transfer

Shanghai One Day Private Tour

The following Shanghai 1 day tour start from hotel in downtown Shanghai.  After 8 hours' sightseeing, travelers will be transfered back to hotel in Shanghai. Most Shanghai one day private tour covers vehicle, driver, guide, admission fee, lunch, parking and toll.
Shanghai city one day private tour
SHD-1. Shanghai one day city tour ( classic )
SHD-4. Shanghai 1 day tour include Huangpu River cruise ( cruising )
SHD-6. Shanghai one day private tour to discover lifestyle of local people ( lifestyle )
SHD-7. Shanghai 1 day to disocver the modern aspect of the city ( modern )
SHD-13. One day private tour to discover Old Shanghai ( old )
SHD-14. Shanghai 1 day private tour to discover local culture ( culture )
SHD-15. Shanghai one day private tour focused on Art ( art )
SHD-16. One day tour to discover new aspect of Shanghai ( new )
SHD-21. Shanghai 1 day tour focused on local shopping ( shopping tour of Shanghai )

Visit nearby city or Water Town within one day
SHD-8. Private 1 day tour of Zhujiajiao start from Shanghai
SHD-9. Private 1 day tour of Zhouzhuang start from Shanghai
SHD-10. Private one day Suzhou Garden trip start from Shanghai
SHD-11. Private 1 day excursion of Hangzhou start from Shanghai
SHD-12. Hangzhou 2 days private tour start from Shanghai
SHD-18. Luzhi 1 day private trip start from Shanghai
SHD-19. Nanjing 1 day excursion start from Shanghai
SHD-20. Qibao Ancient town half day tour from Shanghai ( half day )
SHD-22. Tongli Town 1 day tour start from Shanghai
SHD-23. Wuxi 1 day tour from Shanghai
SHD-24. Wuzhen Watertown one day trip from Shanghai
SHD-25. Xitang one day tour from Shanghai

Unique Designed Shanghai One Day Tour
help travelers to disover Shanghai interesting secret corner, which is seldom touched by other traveerls.

SHD-26-A. Shanghai 1 day tour of Local Building area, Old House Setting Museum, Postal Museum and 1933 Old Millfun
SHD-27. Shanghai one day trip of Pudong New Area, Oriental Pearl Tower, Renmin Square, Art Museum and Maglev Train
SHD-28. Shanghai 1 day excursion of Old Street, Brush Pen & Ink Museum, Qing Dynasty Building, Old Dock, Xintiandi
SHD-29. Shanghai 1 day tour of Delicate Garden, Ancient Temple, Church, Handcrafts Museum, Classic Building

see more Shanghai one day tour

Shanghai Half Day Private Tour

Shanghai half day private tour offers 4 hours sightseeing trip in Shanghai to discover top attractions of of the biggest city of China. The half day trip start from and end in hotel of downtown Shanghai.
Classic Shanghai half day private tour
visit top attractions of Shanghai.
SHD-2. Shanghai half-day city tour to visit Yu Garden and the Bund ( Yu Garden and The Bund )
SHD-3. Shanghai half-day city tour of Shanghai Museum and the Bund
SHD-42. Shanghai half day tour to Shanghai Museum and Old Street
SHD-43. Shanghai half day trip of Pudong Area and Oriental Pearl TV Tower
SHD-44. Half day private tour of Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise and the Bund

Unique Designed Shanghai private half day tour

lead travelers to discover Shanghai in deep.

SHD-45. Shanghai half day tour of Local Building Area and Old House Setting Museum
SHD-46. Half day Shanghai excursion of Taoist Temple and Xintiandi area
SHD-47. Private half day tour to Old University and Local Charming Street of Shanghai
SHD-48. Shanghai half day tour of Children Palace and New Local Residential Area
SHD-49. Shanghai half day sightseeing of Former Residence of Dr.Sun Yat-sen and SongQingling
SHD-50. Shanghai half day Jewish tour of Ohel Moishe Synagogue and Temporary Government of Korea
SHD-51. Half day Shanghai trip include Maglev Train and Jinmao Tower
SHD-52. Shanghai half day tour of Old House Setting Museum and Xintiandi
SHD-53. Shanghai half day trip to discover Shanghai Fine Arts Gallary and Ancient Temple
SHD-54. Half day Shanghai tour of Local Church and museum with handcrafts made by orphan
SHD-55. Shanghai half day excursion of Culture Street and Local Park
SHD-56. Shanghai half day sightseeing trip of Hongfang Art Zone and Museum of Coloured Glaze
SHD-57. Half day Shanghai tour of Postal Museum and Yunzhou Antique Market
SHD-58. Shanghai half day tour of Xiaotaoyuan Mosque and Bund
SHD-59. Half day Shanghai tour of Shanghai 1933 Old Millfun and Hongfang Art Zone

Shanghai half day private tour to visit Watertown near Shanghai
It needs 30 minutes to 90 minutes to reach the following Watertown, so the length of these half day tour may be more than 4 hours based on traffic condition.

SHD-60. Half day private tour to the oldest bridge town start from Shanghai
SHD-61. Shanghai half day private tour to Qibao Ancient Town
SHD-62. Shanghai private half day trip to Zhouzhuang Water Town
SHD-63 Shanghai half day private tour to Zhujiajiao Water Town

Shanghai Private Evening Tour

Shanghai private evening tour refers to discovering Shanghai attractions with private vehicle and guide at night.
SHD-17. Shanghai evening private tour of local cuisine and ERA Circus Show ( Lvbolang Restaurant or Xiaolongbao steamed Buns )
SHD-72. Shanghai evening tour of Lvbolang Restauran and Acrobatic Show
SHD-73. Shanghai evening private trip of Jazz Music Seat
SHD-74. Tea and Leisure Time at the night of Shanghai
SHD-75. Shanghai private evening excursion of the Bund and Nanjing Road
SHD-76. Shanghai evening tour of visiting a local Charming Street
SHD-77. Shanghai evening private tour of Huangpu River Cruise

Shanghai Private Walking Tour

Shanghai private walking tour refers to visiting Shanghai attractions by foot.  Most attractions of Beijing walking tour are located in downtown of Beijing. Sometimes, we will use public tranfer or taxi as a help.
SHD-64. Shanghai private one day walking tour of City God Temple area and the Bund area
SHT-65. Shanghai walking day tour of Xintiandi, Confucius Temple, Old Street and White Cloud Temple
SHD-66. Shanghai private 1 day walking trip to Antique Market, Former Residence of Songqingling
SHD-67. Shanghai walking day tour of Jingan Villa, Former Residence of Chairman Mao & Jingan Temple

Shanghai Private Transfer

Shanghai private transfer refers to the service of moving travelers from one place to another.
SHT-1. Shanghai Airport transfer
SHT-2. Shanghai Railway Station transfer
SHT-3. Shanghai Cruise Port transfer

Shanghai Join in Bus Tour

Shanghai seat in coach tour offers less expensive method and good service to help travelers to discover Shanghai. Travelers share same tour coach and English speaking tour guide with other travelers. Usually there is 5 to 12 travelers in on the tour.
The following seat in coach tour of Shanghai start from hotel in downtown Shanghai. After the sightseeing, travelers will be transferred back to hotel.

Shanghai One Day Join in Bus Tour

Shanghai one day join in bus tour offers 8 to 9 hours sightseeing trip to discover Shanghai with shared tour coach.
Join in Day Tour of Downtown Shanghai
SHST-1. Shanghai classic 1 day city join in bus tour  ( classic tour,   8 hours, daily )
Shanghai Join in Day Tour Covers Water Town Nearby
SHST-5. Suzhou Zhouzhuang 1 day join in bus tour from Shanghai ( Suzhou Garden, Grand Canal, Zhouzhuang Watertown.    8 hours,  daily )
SHST-11. Zhujiajiao Water Town half day join in tour from Shanghai ( Kezhi Garden, Post Office of Qing Dynasty.    5 hours,  daily )
SHST-17. Zhujiajiao Water Town and Shanghai city join in one day tour ( Zhujiajiao, The Bund, Xintiandi, Renmin Square,    8 hours,  daily )
SHST-18. Zhouzhuang Water Town and Shanghai city join in one day tour ( Zhoulzhuang, The Bund, Xintiandi, Renmin Square,    8 hours,  daily )

Shanghai Half Day Join in Bus Tour

Shanghai half day join in bus tour offers 4 to 5 hours sightseeing trip to discover Shanghai with shared tour coach.
SHST-2. Shanghai half day join in bus morning tour ( Yu Garden, Confucius Temple, Bund, Nanjing Road.   half day,  4 hours,   daily )
SHST-3. Shanghai half day join in bus afternoon tour ( Former French Concession, Jade Buddha Temple,  Museum.    half day,  4 hours,  daily )
SHST-4. Shanghai join in bus evening tour ( The Bund, Huangpu River Cruise, Nanjing Road.      3 hours,  daily )

Shanghai Join in Bus Evening Tour

Shanghai join in evening tour offers 3 hours sightseeing in downtown Shanghai.
SHST-4. Shanghai join in bus evening tour ( The Bund, Huangpu River Cruise, Nanjing Road.      3 hours,  daily )

Shanghai Packaged Join In Bus Tour

Shanghai join in group package tour combines several one day join in tours to offer Shanghai sightseeing product at less expensive price. There are two options, include hotel or exclude hotel accommodation.

Shanghai Join in package tour include hotel accommodation
SHST3-3. 3 days 2 nights Shanghai join in tour include Zhouzhuang Water Town and Suzhou Garden ( popular )
SHST4-2. 4 days 3 nights Shanghai Suzhou Zhouzhuang join in package tour ( hotel and airport transfer included )
Combine several seat in coach tours to get a better price ( hotel excluded )
SHST2-1. 2 days Shanghai Suzhou and Zhouzhuang join in tour

China Tour Include Shanghai

Beijing the biggest city of China, Shanghai is a must-visit city when planning a trip to China.
Chinatravelkey team offers the following China trips covering Shanghai.

China Private Tour Covers Shanghai

Classic China Tour Include Shanghai

T1. Beijing Xian Shanghai 8 days private tour  
T2. Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai 10 days private tour
T3. Beijing Xian Lhasa Shanghai 11 days private tour
T4. Beijing Lhasa Xian Guilin Yangtze River and Shanghai 16 days private tour
T6. Beijing Xian Yangtze Shanghai 11 days private tour
T11. Beijing Lhasa Xian Guilin Shanghai 13 days private tour

Shanghai Beijing Private Tour

Shanghai Beijing private package tour
SH-BJ-3. Shanghai Beijing 4 days package tour
BJSH-1. Beijing Shanghai 5 days private tour
BJSH-2. Beijing Shanghai 6 days private tour
BJSH-3. Beijing Shanghai Suzhou 7 days private tour
BJSH-4. Beijing Shanghai Suzhou and Hangzhou private tour

One day Shanghai private sightseeing, start from Beijing.  Double way flight or train are included.
SH-BJ-1. Shanghai 1 day tour from Bejing by flight
SH-BJ-2. Shanghai 1 day tour from Beijing by train
BJSH-5. Shanghai city 1 day private tour from Beijing by flight ( Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Huangpu River Cruise )
BJSH-01. Shanghai 1 day private tour from Beijing by flight ( Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum, Pudong New Area, The Bund, Nanjing Road )
BJSH-02. Shanghai 1 day private tour from Beijing by flight ( Shanghai Museum,  Pudong, Oriental Pearl Tower, Wax Gallary, Bund, Nanjing Road, Maglev train)
BJSH-03. Zhouzhuang Water Town 1 day private tour start from Beijing by flight ( House of Family Shen, House of Family Zhang,  Double Bridge )
BJSH-6. Shanghai city 1 day private tour from Beijing by train ( 1 day in Shanghai, 2 nights on train )

Shanghai Mt.Huangshan Shanghai Private Tour

Visit Yellow Mountain and Shanghai.
SHHS-1. Shanghai Mt.Huangshan Shanghai 5 Days tour

Shanghai Lhasa Shanghai Private Tour

Visit Lhasa and Shanghai.
SHLH-1. 6 days Shanghai Lhasa private tour

Guilin Private Tour Start from Shanghai

SHGL-1. Guilin 1 day private tour start from Shanghai ( Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Huangpu River Cruise )
SHGL-2. Shanghai Guilin Li River Yangshuo 4 days private tour

Xian Private Tour Start from Shanghai

SHXA-1. Xian Terracotta Warriors one day private tour start from Shanghai ( Terracotta Warriors and Huaqing Pool )
SHXA-2. Xian 3 days private tour start from Shanghai

Shanghai Tour Related Tips and Knowledge

Places to Start Shanghai Local Tour

Place to Start Shanghai Tour Shanghai tour can be started from hotel in downtown Shanghai, Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG), Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Cruise Port, Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Port, Shanghai Huishan Cruise Port, Shanghai Gaoyaanglu Cruise Port, Shanghai Train Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Train station or an apartment in Shanghai. Please inform us your preferred picked up place when book a tour of Shanghai with Chinatravelkey Team. It is even possible to start a Shanghai trip from another city of China. We will arrange the flight or train between the city and Shanghai in advance.

Visit Shanghai from Another City of China

Some travelers will visit Shanghai start from another city of China.
This trip covers vehicle, flight or train tickets between the city and Shanghai.

Private vehicle is suggested if the city is within 300 km from Shanghai, such as Suzhou (90km), Hangzhou (180km), Ningbo (200km), Wuxi (130km), Changzhou (180km), Nantong (125km), Nanjing (295km), etc.
The trip covers private vehicle, driver, English speaking tour guide, admission fee, toll and parking.

Train or flight are suggested if the city is too far from Shanghai, such as when travelers visit Shanghai from Beijing, Xian or Shanghai.
Speed train is is very popular in China. It takes only 4 hours from Beijing to Shanghai,  6 hours from Xian to Shanghai, 7.5 hours from Guangzhou to Shanghai.
The train tickets in China needs to be booked 30 days in advance. Please prepare the passport copy (high resolution) and payment 40 days before tour date. The tickets will be issued and then delivered to your hotel in China.

Take a flight tour to Shanghai is very convenient. There are many flights available between main city of China and Shanghai.
There is no time limitation on the reserving time of air tickets. But there is no discount on flight when book flights few days before departure date. Chinatravelkey suggest travelers to book the tickets as early as possible.

Best Season to Take a Shanghai Trip

Shanghai local tour is not affected by season or climate. Travelers may ignore the season element when plan a trip to Shanghai. If possible, please try to avoid the Shanghai tour during Chinese Public Holiday, such as the period from May 1 to May 7 and October 1 to October 7. Spring, Summer and Summer are suggested if you prefer to visit water-town near Shanghai. The water-town in green is more beautiful.

Must-see Attractions In Shanghai Excursion

The following popular attractions of Shanghai should not be missed from your sightseeing itinerary of Shanghai.

Shanghai Museum(上海博物馆), the Bund(外滩), Yu Garden(豫园), Yu Market(豫园市场), Nanjing Road(南京路), Oriental Pearl TV Tower(东方明珠电视塔), Huangpu River(黄浦江), Shanghai Old Street(上海老街), Xintiandi area(新天地), Renmin Square(人民广场), Former French Concession(旧法租界) and Pudong New Area(浦东新区).
The Maglev Train(磁悬浮列车) is also an unique experience in Shanghai.

Include Water Town or City Nearby In Shanghai Excursion

Except the attractions in downtown Shanghai, some towns and cities are suggested to be covered in your Shanghai tour itinerary.
Being a famous Watertown in south China, Zhouzhuang(周庄) worth a visit.
Zhujiajiao Watertown(朱家角) is also ok if you think Zhouzhuang is too far from Shanghai.

Suzhou(苏州) is famous for the garden art in south China, which is well-known as 'Suzhou Garden'. Most travelers spend one day in Suzhou start from Shanghai to visit Suzhou Gardens. Private tour and seat in coach tour are both available. For sure it is possible to reach Suzhou one day in advance from another city of China, stay one night at Suzhou, visit Suzhou Garden on the next day, and then be transferred to Shanghai.

Hangzhou(杭州) is a picturesque city in south China. It is possible visit Hanghzou with private or join in coach within one day, but we still suggest travelers to stay at least one night in Hangzhou to enjoy the beauty of the city.

Food Arrangement for Shanghai Trip

Lunch or dinner will be arranged in Shanghai local restaurant. Arranged on the way to attraction, most lunch are simple to save time for travelers. It is possible to arrange Shanghai cuisine banquet for dinner, which can be arranged in a local famous restaurant, such as Lvbolang Restaurant. It is also possible to arrange local snack tasting in Shanghai trip itinerary, Such as Xiaolongbao Steamed Buns.

Discover Old Shanghai

The following places are helpful for travelers to touch the old aspect of Shanghai. The attractions are in both English and Chinese.
The Bund(外滩), Yu Garden(豫园), Shanghai Old Street(上海老街), Shanghai Museum(上海博物馆),
1933 Old Mill-Fun(1933老场房), Bugaoli Area(步高里), Longhua Temple(龙华寺), Jade Buddha Temple(玉佛寺),
Zhujiajiao Ancient Town(朱家角), Antique Market of Shanghai(上海古玩市场), Shanghai Old House Museum(上海老房子博物馆),
Yuyuan Market(豫园市场), Ancient City Wall of Chuansha(川沙古城墙), Nanxiang Brick Pagoda(南翔砖塔), Confucius Temple of Jiading(嘉定孔庙).

Evening Activity in Shanghai

Evening cruise on Huangpu River (黄浦江夜游) is the highlight of Shanghai evening tour.  The cruise tour takes about 1 hour on the biggest river of Shanghai area.

Acrobatic Show (杂技) was taken by most travelers to Shanghai.  The performance start at around 19:30 and end at around 21:00.  Another performance is Era Circus(上海大马戏).

Include Shopping in Shanghai Tour

The following shopping areas are popular in Shanghai:
1. Nanjing Road Business Circus / 南京路商圈
2. Huihai Road Business Circus / 淮海路商圈
3. Xujiahui Business Circus / 徐家汇商圈
4. Pudong Business Circus /   浦东商圈
5. Wujiaochang Business Circle / 五角场商圈
6. People Square Commercial Circle / 人民广场商圈
7. Zhongshan Park Business Circle / 中山公园商圈

144-Hour Visa-Free Transit Tour in Shanghai

Travelers can take a transit tour in Shanghai within 144 hours when there is no Chinese Visa.
Most travelers may take a free visa Shanghai tour start from Shanghai airport.  After sightseeing in Shanghai, travelers will be transferred back to airport. Shanghai free visa tour need prepayment when make reservation.
Please reserve 'flight to Shanghai' and 'flight to next city'; and please make sure your nationality is one of the 51 countries available for 144-hour visa free policy.

Shanghai Tour Start from Airports

There are two airport in Shanghai.
1. Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)
2. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Most travelers arrive at Shanghai Pudong International Airport when take flight from other countrain to Shanghai.
Most Shanghai package tour include the Pudong airport transfer between airport and hotel in downtown Shanghai. There is another option for the airport transfer, travelers may try the Magle train if there is no much luggage.

When travelers reach Hongqiao airport, travelers may use private transfer or subway to reach hotel in Shanghai.

Discover Watertown In Shanghai

The popular water town near Shanghai covers Zhujiajiao(朱家角), Zhouzhuang(周庄), Tongl(同里), Wuzhen(乌镇), Xitang(西塘) and Luzhi(甪直).

Zhujiajiao Water Town is suggested if you only have half day available for the sightseeing, because Zhuiajiao is very closed to Shanghai downtown.
Zhouzhuang Water Town is suggested if you have one whole day available for sightseeing.

Above water town were rebuilt or redesigned for the convenience of travelers.
Part travelers visited water town in the past, then Chinatravelkey can lead you to make a deep visit of unpopular Water Town near Shanghai. This kind of unpopular town is not for tourism. Travelers may discover how local people work or live in the ancient water town.

Include Maglev Train in Shanghai Trip

Many travelers are very interested in the Maglev train of Shanghai. Chinatravelkey can include the Maglev train experience in the excursion of Shanghai. We suggest you to take Maglev train to Pudong Airport after Shanghai tour if you don't have much luggage; otherwise, we will arrange the Maglev Train in the sightseeing day.

Information of Shanghai Maglev Train :
Route: Longyang Rd. – Pudong International Airport (PVG)
Timetable from Longyang Rd.: 06:45 – 21:40
Timetable from Pudong Airport: 07:02 - 21:42; Two extra trains at 22:15 and 22:40 from PVG
Frequency: 15-20 minutes

Know Some Details of Shanghai Before Shanghai Excursion

Situated on the bank of the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai is the largest economic and trade center of China. Shanghai is called '上海' in Chinese, it has a abbreviation '沪', the nickname is '申'.
Shanghai has a subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, abundant sunshine and abundant rainfall. Shanghai has a mild and humid climate with short spring and autumn and long winter and summer.
By the end of 2018, the total resident population of the city was 24,237,800.

The history of Shanghai can be traced back to Chunqiu Dynasty of China. Shanghai area belongs to Jiangsu Province before 1927. After that, Shanghai became municipality of China.

Shanghai is a city combines traditional culture as well as the modern elements, which offers abundant tourism resource. The number of A level attractions reach 99, which covers 3 '5A' attractions and 40 '4A' attractions. Shanghai is very popular in travelers. Plenty of travelers come to visit Shanghai each year.

Question Related with Shanghai Tour

Dear Jasper, I just received an e-mail from the Connor family saying that they would like a private driver and van for a full-day tour in Shanghai. This would be for four people, picking up at the Pacific Princess on July 21 and dropping off at the cruise ship at the end of the day. The ship docks at 7:00 a.m. and departs at 6:00 p.m. They would like a driver and guide from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Do you know which port the ship will dock ? Your suggestion on itinerary is welcomed. Thank you, Leslie
Dear Leslie, thank you for your email again. For most of the time, the Pacific Princess ship dock at 'Waigaoqiao Port' of Shanghai. We suggest the following tour itinerary of Shanghai.
Shanghai One Day Private Tour from Cruise Port
July 21. Pick up from Shanghai port at 07:00.
Take a one-day tour of Shanghai City including Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai Museum, the Bund and Nanjing Road.
Transfer back to cruise ship at around 16:00. (Lunch)
Package covers: Pick up from Waigaoqiao port; Private Van; English speaking tour guide; Admission fee; Lunch; Entry permission cost of port; Fuel, parking, expressway cost; Transfer back to port after the tour.
Please let us know if you have question or suggestion, Best regards, Jasper

Hello,  what kind of vehicle do you use for Shanghai sightseeing trip ?
Thank you for the message.  Chinatravelkey team provides 5 seats sedan to 55 seats coach.
9 seats van will be arranged for 1 to 6 travelers, 19 seats mini-bus will be arrange for 7-15 travelers, 33 to 55 seats tour coach will be arranged for 16 to 40 travelers.
Deluxe vehicle is available upon request. Mercedes Benz S350 can be arranged for 1 to 2 travelers. Buick GL8 can be arrange for 3 to 5 travelers.

Dear Sirs, I am interested in Shanghai tour to Suzhou and Zhouzhuang on Sunday, May 15th but as I have my flight on Sunday at 22.25 I would like to know when is the return time to Shanghai. I am staying in BIYUN DIAMON COURT AP. HOTEL. Thank you for your answer,
Sincerely yours,
Miha Cebulj

Dear Miha Cebulj, Thanks for your email. We will be back to Shanghai city around 19:00. If it is Hongqiao airport, it is no problem. If you will departure from Pudong airport, the time is a little tight. Please let us know which airport you will departure from, r please just let us know your flight number, then we will send you further information.
Best regards, Lisa

Payment Method of Shanghai Tour

Shanghai Tour Photo

Shanghai tour include Huangpu River CruiseShanghai Museum in Shanghai trip
Shanghai tour include Yu GardenShanghai tour include Huangpu River Cruise

Review of Shanghai Tour From Travelers

- What travelers speak after Shanghai tour with Chinatravelkey team:

From: barbara foster To: 'tracy' Sent: Sunday, November 16,
Subject: RE: tour on Monday - reply on tour guide
Tracy, I just wanted to let you know that Hannah is a GREAT tour guide!!!! She is a very nice person to talk with, speaks very nice English, very helpful in working with what we wanted to see. She asked if we have see an acrobatic show, which we told her we were not able to get to the one in Beijing. So we really wanted to go and she arranged it and it was GREAT. Thanks for getting us a GREAT tour guide for our shopping experience in Shanghai!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone and will recommend you if I know of anyone coming to Shanghai. Thank-you, Handy Hands, Inc. Barbara Foster
Testimonial of Shangai tour

Carol Was very helpful and Knowledgeable. She is a very good guide.
Veronica Weisser took Shanghai 3 days private tour
Testimonial of Shangai tour

Best Service Ever !!!!    Judy Wonderful !!!!
Driver very professional !!!       with very clean Auto !!
Will Recommend to My Friends.
Greg  travel Shanghai with Shanghai Suzhou 4 days private tour
Testimonial of Shangai tour

Fantastic day - Pan is the most wonderful guide.  Great English and good knowledge, a she really became part of our group.  We enjoyed her company so much. 
Compliments to the driver - smooth, very capable, group commented on his excellent standard of driving.
( The group of Jahelle visit Shanghai with Shanghai Zhouzhuang 2 days private tour )
Testimonial of Shangai tour

See more Shanghai tour feedback from travelers.

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