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Guiyang Tour

Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou province. Known as the City of Forest, Guiyang is located in the Dong Villageeast of Yungui Plateau and just north of Nanming River and has an average elevation of about 1,100 meters. As a typical region of karst topography, Guiyang owns abundant tour resource characterized by amazing mountain, beautiful water and strange cave. There are a great number of attractions in Guiyang. One of the most popular places is Qingyan Ancient Town. The Ming and Qing architecture in this town is quite a sight. The majority of the town was built for military reasons but there is also Hongfeng Lake and many historical sites such as Wenchang Pavilion, Yangming Cave, and Jiaxiu Tower. Guiyang is a perfect place to live and visit.
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Guiyang Tour Type
Guiyang Tour includes 4 tour types
One-day private tour, one-day minority tour, 4-day private tour, airport transfer and train station transfer. Tourists can choose your favorite type and plan your Guiyang Tour.

Guiyang Tour Routes
GY-PO-01. Guiyang 1 day private tour of Jiaxiu Pavilion and Qianling Park
GY-PO-02. Guiyang 1 day private tour of Huangguoshu Waterfall and Buyi Village
GY-PO-03. Guiyang 1 day minority tour
GY-PH-01. Guiyang 4 days private tour
GY-PH-02. 11 Days Guizhou and Guilin Tour Package - 1
GY-PH-03. 6 Days Guizhou Minority Tour Package - 1
GY-PH-04. 6 Days Guizhou Minority Tour Package - 2
GY-PH-05. 11 Days Guizhou and Guilin Tour Package - 2

Guiyang Transfer Service
GY-PT-01. Guiyang airport transfer
GY-PT-02. Guiyang train station transfer
GY-PT-03. Guiyang Railway station Pick up Service

Place to Start Guiyang TourGuiyang tour testimonial, click here to see more.
You will be picked up at the airport, the train station or in your hotels and begin your tour here.

Best Season of Guiyang Tour
Guiyang is situated in the southwest part of China--Yunnan, Guzhou. The weather here is subtropical monsoon climate with mild winter and warm summer. Temperature here is not change so much during four seasons, without intense heat summer and severe cold winter. July and January is the hottest and coldest month in a year. Though it is fine to visit Guiyang in any season around year, the best ones would be spring, summer and autumn, natural sceneries in those seasons would be attractive than winter, and it is more convenient for your Guiyang tour.

Clothes and other Staffs to Pack
Take a coat when you are traveling to Guiyang in spring and autumn since it will be little cool at night and early in the morning. An unbralla is indispensable in Guiyang due to its changeable weather on plateau; sometimes it rains a lot here. Take a pair of sunglasses and suntan lotion to precvent the strong radiation in summer time.

Accommodation of Guiyang Tour
There are many hotels for your Guiyang tour, and they are relatively favorable, with many star ratings available. Top class hotel facilities are features in those accommodations. They provide qualified service to the guests.
Traffic: You can take all the transportations like train, airplane, bus and car to reach and visit every place in Guiyang. The Longdongbao Airport is an international airport in Guiyang and it has been opened to link up Guiyang with 32 cities including Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc. you can come to Guiyang from any city you stays in. By train is also a good way to reach Guiyang.
You can get around in Guiyang city by bus, by taxi, by motorcycle and also on foot.
Guiyang has a well developed bus system for tourist, but never takes the wrong bus and make sure you are going forward to your destination.
By taxi is an excellent way to get around in Guiyang, it goes to everywhere of the city.
There has some motorcycle in Guiyang; they will appear in the large areas with concentrations of bars or restaurants.

Guiyang Tour Tips
Safety: Walk along with your tour or friends when you get to some dangerous tourist sites such as the torrent, jungle or the cliff. It will be very dangerous be alone.
Tourist tip: Do not doodle on the rocks or the walls and protect the culture relics in the scenic spots.
Respect the customs: Since there are many minorities living in Guiyang, please do as the local people do and respect their traditions and customs when you are visiting some minority gatherings. Huangguoshu  Waterfall
Food: Food in Guiyang mainly includes Qian cuisine and local snacks. Spicy and hot are two major tastes of Qian cuisines, almost every dish you enjoy in Guiyang will include these two elements. The representative dishes are:
Suan Tang Yu (Sour Soup Fish), you can find the authentic one in Kaili Sour Fish Restaurant at No. 55, Shengfu Lu, Guiyang.
Si Wa Wa, a special snack in Guiyang, Chang Wang Mian (Chang Wang Noodle), Lian’ai Doufu Guo, spring chicken (a snack in Guiyang).
Those snacks could be found in two famous snack streets, Hequn Lu and Shaanxi Lu.
Water: Tap water in the hotel could not be drink directly.
Shopping: You can find many souvenirs in your Guiyang tour such as Wax-dyed favrics, Miao Embroidery and Cross-stitch, Guiding Yunwu Tea, Yuping Flutes and Ethnic Silver Articles. They are all worth to buy for your friends and families. The main shopping street in Guiyang is Zhonghua Lu and Yan’an Lu. Large department stores can be found in Zhonghua Lu, it is the busiest commercial street in Guiyang, while you can find small goods and night market in Yan’an Lu, and it will open until midnight.
Custom and Festivals in Guiyang:
·Sanyuesan Festival is a traditional festival of the Buyi minority, it is a memory of cutworms, Buyi people scatter fried corns on the slopes and sing folk songs to pray a bumper harvest. Every year, on the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month Buyi people will get together in Xinbao town, Wudang district, they hold many activities during this time.
·Liuyueliu Festival is an important tradition festival of Buyi minority, the date of it is the 6th day of the 6th lunar month every year. They will gathering on the banks of the Huaxi River and celebrate the festival by blowing the tree leaves and sing folk songs. Young people would take this opportunity to find their lover. It is a famous festival all around Guizhou Province.
·Bullfight, it is not the same conception with Spanish style bullfight; in Guiyang it is a fight between two strong water buffaloes. This festival is always take place between the 6th lunar month and the 8th launar month. This activity usually is held in slop with flatland in the center.
·Siyueba Festival is a traditional festival celebrated by Miao, Buyi, Dong, Yao, Zhuang, Yi, Tujia and Gelao Minorities. The contents and styles of celebration activities are not exactly the same in different places, it will is held on April 8th every year. A grand ceremony demonstrates the traditional culture of various minority groups. Some young minority people take this advantage of the chance to make friends and choose their future spouses through their dancing and singing.
Minority Miao

Recreation in Guiyang
Guiyang is rich in entertainments and cultural activity. Tourists can easily find bars, pubs or tea houses to relax and enjoy the unique culture of the city. There is a special bar named Vinegar Bar, it serves mainly vinegar drinks for the guests. The bars are congregate on Shaanxi Lu, Hequn Lu, Beijing Lu and Nan Men. There are some places to recommend: 9 Ku Music Bar, SOHO Club, Lvdao Bar and Shangri-la Bar, also there is a famous coffee shop named Master Morgan located in Hequn Lu.
Must-see attractions of Guiyang Tour:
Qingyan Ancient Town: It is a famous historic and cultural town of China, located in Huaxi district, which was originally built in the Ming Dynasty. The layout of the old town still retains the architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasty. It is a special place for Guiyang tour.
Hongfeng Lake (Red Maple Lake): It is a state level scenic spot in China with the total water area of 57.2 kilometers; there are many small islands on the lake. Hongfeng Lake is characterized by the landscape of lakes and mountains which combines the beauty of mountain and water in Guilin and the charm of island country in plateau; it is also the largest artificial lake on the Guizhou Plateau. This scenic area consists of four parts: the North Lake, the South Lake, the Rear Lake and the minority ethnic villages. It will be a tranquil destination on your Guiyang tour.
Huangguoshu Waterfalls: It is also known as “Yellow Orchard” Waterfall and is the most famous waterfall in China; also it is regarded as the largest waterfall in Asia. Huangguoshu Waterfall is surrounded by eighteen small waterfalls in nine layers and flows down to the Rhino Pool, presenting magnificent scenery. This waterfall scenic spot is also known for the karst caves, natural miniature landscapes, stone forests on waters and serene valleys. It is an excellent tourist spots for you Guiyang tour, and you will get an unforgettable experience here.
Jiaxiu Tower: Jiaxiu Tower was built in Ming Dynasty in the 26th year of Emperor Wanli’s reign. It is a symbol of Guiyang and known as the first Scholar’s tower in the district. It is located on the huge Turtle Rock in the Nanming River; the tower boasts great culture significance. The building is 20 meters high and three stories with a pointed top that has several carved windows and red lattices on all sides, tourists can see many woodworks, calligraphy, paintings and stone engravings done by the ancient artists. You can get much information about Guiyang here.
Dragon Palace: This scenic spot has four main areas, the rape Lake, the Whirlpool, the Leech Pass and the Dragon Palace. The Dragon Palace can be divided into five groups of limestone caves connected by the underground river. There is a boat that travelers can board on a nearby river that will provide a view of the caves and go through a deep maze and bring you bright lit halls. It is a good place for adventure in Guiyang.

Accommodation of Guiyang Tour
The accommodations in Guiyang are relatively favorable. There're many star-class hotels with top-class facilities and good service.

Note of Guiyang Tour
Guiyang Tour advices you to take rain wears and a folding umbrella with you because of the changeable weather on the Yungui Plateau where Guizhou is situated. Besides, a windproof coat is also a must since the temperatures are very low in the morning and evening. Moreover, you need sun glasses and suntan lotion to prevent the strong radiation.

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