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Hangzhou  Tour

Hangzhou tour products covers Hangzhou package tour, Hangzhou one day tour, Hangzhou private tour and Hangzhou seat in coach tour (join-in tour).   Most Hanzhou sightseeing trip start from hotel in dotown Hangzhou or Shanghai.   It is still possible to start a Hangzhou trip from Suzhou, Beijing or other main cities of China.

Brief Introduction of Hangzhou Tour

Hangzhou MapHangzhou Map
Hangzhou tour refers to the sightseeing trip of Hangzhou start from hotel in Hangzhou or another city of China.
Except start the tour from hotel in downtown Hangzhou, many travelers take Hangzhou tour start from Shanghai.

Being a beautiful city not far from Shanghai, Hangzhou was also described as “the most beautiful and luxurious city in the world” by the Italian traveler Marco Polo in the 13th century.
West Lake, Lingyin Temple and Six Harmony Pagoda are must visit attractions of Hangzhou. Private Hangzhou trip and Join in Hangzhou tour are both available.

Tour Type Available in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Tourist MapHangzhou Tourism Map

Hangzhou Local Tour

Hangzhou private package tour include hotel
Hangzhou private package tour exclude hotel
Hangzhou 1 day private tour
Hangzhou private transfer
Hangzhou seat in coach tour (Join in tour)

Hangzhou Tour Start from Shanghai

Hangzhou 1 day private tour from Shanghai
Hangzhou private package tour start from Shanghai ( include hotel )
Hangzhou multi-days tour start from Shanghai ( exclude hotel )
Hangzhou 1 day seat in coach tour start from Shanghai (connected by train)
Hangzhou seat in coach package tour start from Shanghai  ( include hotel )

Hangzhou Private Tour

The following Hangzhou tour products are provided by Chinatravelkey Team based on above tour type.

Hangzhou Local Package Private Tour Include Hotel

This Hangzhou tour product is the best choice for first trip to Hangzhou. Travelers will be met from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport or Hangzhou Train station. After the sightseeing in Hangzhou, travelers will be transferred back to airport or train station.
Tour name: Hangzhou 3 Days Private Package Tour
Feature: Hangzhou classic private package tour,  Include most top attractions of Hangzhou, The best choice for first trip to Hangzhou.
Tour name: Hangzhou and Wuzhen 3 Days Private Package Tour
Feature: Combining Hangzhou top attractions and Wuzhen Watertown.

Hangzhou Multi-days Private Tour Exclude Hotel

This tour products of Hangzhou is designed for travelers stay in apartment of friends or reserve hotel on their own.
HZ-PK-01. Hangzhou 3 Days Private Tour Excludes Hotel
HZ-PK-02. Hangzhou & Wuzhen 2 Days Private Tour

Hangzhou One Day Local Private Tour

The following Hangzhou tour star from a hotel in downtown Hangzhou.  After the sightseeing, travelers will be transfered back to hotel in Hangzhou.
HZ-PO-01. Hangzhou one day private tour
HZ-PO-02. Wuzhen Watertown one day private tour from Hangzhou

Hangzhou Private Transfer Service

HZ-PT-01. Hanzhou airport transfer ( downtown hotel - Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport )
HZ-PT-02. Hanzhou Railway Station transfer ( downtown hotel - Hangzhou Train Station )
HZ-PT-03. Transfer service of Hangzhou to Shanghai ( downtown Hangzhou - downtown hotel of Shanghai )
HZ-PT-04. Transfer service from Hangzhou to Suzhou ( downtown Hangzhou - downtown hotel of Suzhou )
HZ-PT-05. Transfer service from Hangzhou to Wuxi ( downtown Hangzhou - downtown hotel of Wuxi )

Hangzhou Seat In Coach Tour

The following seat in coach tour of Hangzhou start from hotel in Hangzhou and end in hotel in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou One Day Seat In Coach Tour

HZ-ST-01. 1 day picturesque Hangzhou seat in coach tour include West Lake ( Monday, Wednesday, Friday )
HZ-ST-02. Hangzhou 1 day culture seat in coach tour ( Tuesday, Thursday )
HZ-ST-03. Wuzhen Water Town one day seat in coach tour from Hangzhou ( minmum 4 travelers )
HZ-ST-04. Shaoxing Ancient Town seat in coach day tour from Hangzhou ( minmum 4 travelers )

Hangzhou Packaged Seat In Coach Tour

Combine several seat in coach package tour to get a better price, airport transfer and hotel accommodation are included :
HZ-SH-01. 3 days Hangzhou seat in coach tour ( hotel and airport transfer included )
HZ-SH-02. 4 days Hangzhou seat in coach package tour ( hotel and airport transfer included )

Combine several seat in coach tour to get a better price :
HZ-SK-01. 2 days Hangzhou seat in coach tour
HZ-SK-02. 3 days seat in coach tour of Hangzhou & Wuzhen Watertown
HZ-SK-03. 3 days seat in coach tour of Hangzhou & Shaoxing Ancient Town.

Hangzhou Tour Start from Shanghai

Hangzhou is 180 km southwest of Shanghai. It needs 2.5 hours to reach Hangzhou from Shanghai by car. 
Many travelers visit Hangzhou from Shanghai each year.
Private tour and seat in coach tour are both available to take the Shanghai Hangzhou trip.

Shanghai Hangzhou Private Tour
One day Shanghai Hangzhou Private Tour
SHD-11. Hangzhou 1 day private tour from Shanghai
SHD-24. Wuzhen 1 day private tour from Shanghai

Shanghai Hangzhou Multi-Days Private Tour ( hotel excluded)
SHK-4.  Shanghai Hangzhou 2 days tour
SHK-6.  Shanghai Zhouzhuang Suzhou Hangzhou 4 days tour
SHK-10. 2 Days Shanghai and Hangzhou Tour from Huishan Port

Shanghai Hangzhou Private Package Tour
SHD-12. Hangzhou 2 day private tour from Shanghai ( daily )
SHH-7. Shanghai Zhouzhuang Suzhou Hangzhou tour

Shanghai Hangzhou Seat In Coach Tour
Shanghai Hangzhou seat in coach tour start from your hotel in Shanghai. We will reserve Shanghai - Hangzhou - Shanghai train tickets in advance and deliver the tickets to your hotel in Shanghai.
Travelers pick up tickets when check in.
Travelers take taxi to train station on their own. Hangzhou seat in coach driver will pick up travelers from train station.
After seat in coach tour of Hangzhou, travelers will be transferre back to train station and connect train back to Shanghai or to another city of China.

One day Shanghai Hangzhou Seat Coach Tour
SHHZ-ST-01. 1 day picturesque Hangzhou seat in coach tour from Shanghai( Monday, Wednesday, Friday   /  double way speed train )
SHHZ-ST-02. Hangzhou 1 day culure seat in coach tour from Shanghai ( Tuesday, Thursday   /  double way speed train )
SHHZ-ST-03. Wuzhen Water Town one day seat in coach tour from Shanghai ( minmum 4 travelers   /   double way speed train  )
SHHZ-ST-04. Shaoxing Ancient Town seat in coach tour from Shanghai ( minmum 4 travelers   /   double way speed train  )

Shanghai Hangzhou Seat In Coach Package Tour ( hotel included )
SHHZ-SH-01.  Shanghai Hangzhou 2 days one night seat in coach tour
SHHZ-SH-02.  Shanghai Hangzhou Wuzhen 2 days one night seat in coach tour
SHHZ-SH-02.  Shanghai Hangzhou Shaoxing Wuzhen 3 days 2 night seat in coach tour

Hangzhou Tour Related Tips and Knowledge

Places to Start Hangzhou Local Tour

Hangzhou tour photoWest Lake of Hangzhou
Hangzhou tour can be started from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, Hangzhou Train Station, Hangzhou Speed Train Station as well as hotel in downtown Hangzhou. A local phone or local mobile phone number is needed if you stay in an apartment of Hangzhou. Part travelers reserved a hotel outside of downtown area. Please contact tour advisor to make sure whether the pick up from your hotel is available.

Visit Hangzhou from Another City of China

Some travelers prefer to visit Hangzhou start from another city of China.
This trip request to arrange the vehicle, flight or train tickets between the city and Hangzhou.

Private vehicle is suggested if the city is within 300 km from Hangzhou.
Travelers can visit Hangzhou start from Suzhou(2.5 hours, 160km), Shanghai(2.5 hours, 180km), Ningbo(2 hours, 160km), Putuoshan(3 hours, 250km), Jinhua(2.5 hours, 180km), Yiwu(1.5 hours, 140km), Huangshan(4 hours, 260km) and Huzhou(1.5 hours, 90km) by private vehicle.
Most travelers take private Hangzhou one day tour from Shanghai. The trip covers private vehicle, driver, English speaking tour guide, admission fee, toll and parking.

Train or flight are suggested if the city is too far from Hangzhou.
Speed train is is very popular in China. It takes only 4 hours from Beijing to Hangzhou.

The train tickets needs to be reserved one month in advance. Please prepare the passport copy (high resolution) and payment 40 days before tour date. Then the tickets will be issued and then delivered to your hotel in China.

Take a flight tour to Hangzhou is very convenient. There are many flights available between main city of China and Hangzhou.
There is no time limitation on the time of reserving air tickets. But please keep in mind, the flight is very expensive when you make reservation few days before departure date. It is a good idea to book the tickets as early as possible.

Best Time to Take a Hangzhou Trip

Hangzhou is a city good for sightseeing in all seasons. Each season express different glamour of the city. In Spring, the misty lake is attractive just like a jade pool in fairyland. The blooming flower makes the Hangzhou visiting very pleasant. In Summer, there is muggy weather during rainy season. But the rain makes the city just like a green sea. In Winter, you could happen to view a rarely snow if you are lucky. In silver and white snow, you will feel so tranquility and peaceful. Autumn is always a nice season for traveling.

Must-see Attractions In Hangzhou Tour

Lingyin Temple of HangzhouLingYin Temple Tour of Hangzhou
Hangzhou is famous for West Lake. There many other attractions to be visited.

The must-see attractions include: West Lake(西湖), Lingyin Temple(灵隐寺), Flying Peak(飞来峰), Six Harmonies Pagoda(六和塔), Qinghefang Street(清河坊街), China Silk Museum(中国丝绸博物馆), China Tea Museum(中国茶叶博物馆), JingHang Grand Canal(京杭大运河), Local tea garden (茶园), Qiantang River (钱塘江), Zhejiang University (浙江大学). Xixi National Wetland(西溪湿地).
Song Dynasty City(宋城) is a good place to know Hangzhou in ancient times.

Performance Suggested for Hangzhou Tour

Travelers may find many performance in Song Dynasty City Scenic Area (宋城) .
Romance of the Song Dynasty ( 宋城千古情 ) is one of the best performance in China.
The performance time is at 14:00, 19:00 and 20:00 at normal time. Most travelers choose the performance at 19:00.

Evening Activity in Hangzhou

Evening cruise on Qiantang river (钱塘江夜游) is available, which impress travelers with new Hangzhou.

Fountain show at the east bank of West Lake is available at 19:00- and 20:00. Please reach the fountain area at least 40 minutes to get a good location. After enjoying the fountain, travelers may visit a local evening market closed to antique market. Bargain with local vendors is interesting.

Attractions Belongs to the West Lake Senic Area

The West Lake Scenic Area covers: DuanQiaoCanxue (断桥残雪), Fountain with Music (西湖音乐喷泉), HuBinQingXue (湖滨晴雪), LiuLangWenying (柳浪闻莺), XueShi Park (学士公园), Watching Fish at Huagang Port (花港观鱼), Guozhuang Garden (郭庄), Sudi Bank (苏堤), Baidi Bank (白堤), Yanggong Bank (杨公堤), QuYuanFengHe (曲院风荷), PingHuQiuYue(平湖秋月), SanTanYinYue(三潭印月) and Boating on West Lake.

Attractions Closed to West Lake

Located not far from The West Lake, the following attractions are easy to be included when travelers visit West Lake.
Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Temple of Yuefei, Mt.Baoshi, Night market, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Qinghefang Street, Zhejiang Fine Arts Museum, Leifeng Pagoda, Yuqian Clan, Guozhuang Garden.

Visit An Ancient Town in Hangzhou Sightseeing Trip

Hangzhou MapHangzhou Wuzhen Tour Map
There are three ancient towns near Hangzhou: Longmen Ancient Town, Tangxi Anicent Town and Anchang Ancient Town.

Longment Ancient Town (龙门古镇) is believed to be lived by the descendant of SunQuan, which is one of the Emperor of Sanguo Dynasty (220-280). The town is famous for the Ming & Qing style building.
Tangxi Ancient Town (塘栖古镇) is located by the Jinghang Grand Canal. This ancient town offers an unique impression to travelers.
AnChang Ancient Town (安昌古镇) belongs to Shaoxing, which is around 60 km east of Hangzhou. It is a good choice if you prefer to visit a quiet ancient town near Hangzhou.

Discover Watertown In Hangzhou

Photo of Wuzhen tour from HangzhouWuzhen Tour from Hangzhou
Wuzhen (乌镇) is the first choice when you are planning a Watertown trip from Hangzhou. Watertown Wuzhen is located 90 km northeast of Hangzhou. It needs 1.5 hours' driving from Hangzhou. Most travelers spend 2 to 3 hours in Dongzha Section and then drive back to Hangzhou.

Visit a South Chinese Garden in Hangzhou Trip

Located 170km northeast of Hangzhou, Suzhou is famous for the south China garden. Many travelers prefer visit the garden but thought it is too far from Hangzhou.
Actually there is a south China garden in Hangzhou. Just located near West Lake. The Garden is called Guozhaung (郭庄), which is a small and quiet Garden abundant with elements of south Chinese Garden. Travelers may inform tour advisor of Chinatravelkey.com to cover the garden when book Hangzhou tour.

Taste Chinese Tea in Hangzhou Trip

Hangzhou is famous for Longjing Tea (龙井茶). Meijiawu and Longjing Garden are two top places to enjoy Longjing Tea.
Located not far from West Lake, Meijiawu (梅家坞) provides tea tasting and local dishes. The tea tasting can be combined with Hangzhou sightseeing.

Hangzhou Tour Include The Tide Watching

Hangzhou bay is just like a bellmouth to link the sea and zhangzhou. Hangzhou is just sit at the end of the bellmouth, which make Hangzhou one of the best city to watch the tide from sea. The best location to watch the tide is called Yanguan. A large number of tourists come to Yanguan to enjoy the spectacular scenery. based on Chinese Lunar Calendar. Please contact tour advisor of Chinatravelkey team if you are not familiar with Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Combine Hangzhou Tour with Mt.Huangshan Sightseeing

Hangzhou Mr.Huangshan MapHangzhou Mt.Huangshan Tour Map
Mt.Huangshan is around 250 km west of Hangzhou. Many travelers prefer to visit Mt.Huangshan after Hangzhou tour.

Mountain Huangshan is located around 280 km west of Hangzhou, which needs 4 hours driving from Hangzhou for single way transfer.

Mountain Huangshan, also known as Yellow Mountain, is famous for its beauty include imposing peaks, spectacular rock formations, odd shaped pines, and sea of clouds.

Transfer Between Hangzhou and Mt.Huangshan

visit Mt.Huangshan from HangzhouMt. Huangshan Tour from Hangzhou
Private car is suggested if you prefer to return Hangzhou after Mt.Huangshan trip or you travel with elders or children. It takes 4 hour to transfer from Hangzhou to Mt.Huangshan. Most travelers visit Huangshan for two days. Thee days is needed if you prefer to cover Xidi or Hongcun Village (西递, 宏村, picturesque village of Anhui province ).

Speed train is also possible to connect Mt.huangshan and Hangzhou. It needs 2 hours from Hangzhou to Huangshan.

Please book the train tickets at least 30 days before departure date. Prepayment and passport copy are needed when make reservation.

Take A Light Hiking Experience in Hangzhou Tour

Hangzhou is a beautiful city. It is a pleasant trip to take a hiking trip in Hangzhou. The first suggested route is the hiking tour along Sudi Bank, which start from Quyuanfenghe in the north and end at the Memorial Hall of Sudongpo. Travelers may find Sudi Stele, Renfeng Pavilion, Dongpu Bridge, Xili Lake, Yadi Bridge, Sudicunxiao Stele, Wangshan Bridge, Suolan Bridge, Hugang Port, Yingbo Bridge. This hiking tour is around 3 km. Most travelers use 40 minutes to complete the hiking. The second hiking tour start from the Former residence place on the north bank of West Lake. Travelers may walk by Duanqiao Bridge, PinghuQiuyue, Zuiyue, Hutianyibi, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Gushan, and end the walking tour near the Fengyu Pavilion near Sudi Bank. The 2.5 km hiking tour takes around 35 minutes. The third hiking tour in Hanghzou is start from an attraction named Yunxizhujing and end at Jiuxiyanshu. This hiking is around 6km, need time at around 1.5 hours. Travelers may find green trees, small village, local hostel, small restaurant and tea Garden.

Visit a Local University in Hangzhou

Part travelers prefer to visit a university in their Hangzhou trip. Zhejiang University is suggested to be visited. This beautiful university is located not far from downtown. Travelers may visit it in the same day with the sightseeing of West Lake, Six Harmony Pagoda or Qiantang River.

Question Related with Hangzhou Tour

We will take a 4 days Hangzhou in this October. I have a friend work and live in Shaoxing. Is it possible to include Shaoxing for friend visit and sightseeing? your suggestion is welcomed.
kind regards,

Dear Wesley,
Thank you for the email.
yes, it is possible to include Shaoxing, which is around 60 km southeast of Hangzhou. The famous attractions in Hangzhou covers Anchang Ancient Town, Former Residence of Luxun, Shen Garden, East Lake, Lanting Pavilion, Cangqiao Street, etc. Please find the itinerary as below:
Day 1. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel, visit Six Harmony Pagoda if time permit. Day 2. Drive to Shaoxing to visit Anchang Ancient Town, visit your friend in Shaoxing. Day 3. Visit Shen Garden, Drive back to Hangzhou to visit West Lake, Lingyin Temple. Day 4. Visit Huagang Port, take a leisure walk along Sudi Bank. Be transferred to airport for departure. Please let us know your idea on above itinerary, then we will work out further information. best regards, Tracy

How to Discover The West Lake of Hangzhou ?
Visit West Lake of HangzhouVisit West Lake of Hangzhou
Most travelers take boat to enjoy the beauty of this famous lake. It is possible to board the small island named Xiayinzhou Island (小瀛洲岛), which is located in the middle of West Lake.
After or before the boating, travelers may visit a park along the bank of the west lake, such as Hugang Park, Liulangwenying, or Xueshi Park. Take a walking tour along Sudi Bank or Baidi Bank is a very good idea if travelers prefer to visit the West Lake on foot.

Dear Jasper,
Thank you for the information on our Hangzhou trip. My child is very interested in Chinese culture. Can you include some attractions related with Chinese art or culture ?
thank you,

Dear Joyce,
Thank you for the email.
There are many museum in Hangzhou to make your child to touch Chinese culture. For exampl the Chinese Tea Museum, Chinese Silk Museum, Chinese Medicine Museum, Museum of bronze sculpture。 We even can include a museum focused on Chinese Umbrella, Chinese Knife, Chinese scissor and Chinese Sword. Please talk with your child and let us know your idea on these places, then we will work out an itinerary. best wishes and regards, Jasper

Payment Method of Hangzhou Tour

Hangzhou Tour Photo

Review of Hangzhou Tour From Travelers

- What travelers speak after Hangzhou tour with Chinatravelkey team:

Sabrina is an absolutely fantastic guide ! Everything was perfect. She is very knowledgable, friendly and fluent in English. Your company must be very proud of how she represents you and your country. Our driver was also excellent !

See more Hangzhou tour feedback from travelers.

Comment or Emails from Travelers After Hangzhou Trip

Dear Jasper,
We enjoyd the time in Hangzhou. John and the driver are both excellent. Thank you for arranging us the pleasant trip. We will inform our friends when they plan a trip to Hangzhou or other cities of China.
Best regards,

Please let us know your comment after you take Hangzhou tour with our team: travel@chinatravelkey.com

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